Sunday, 10 September 2017

Some essentials from Watsons

When you need toothpaste, but you come out with other items instead....

I picked up two face masks from Watsons because there was a purchase with purchase deal. There is quite a selection of masks and I just picked up the Apple Refining Facial Mask and the Black Pearl Smoothing Facial Mask.

I looked at a few toothpastes and then decided to pick up the Colgate kids version, which has bubble fruit flavour. The toothpaste is a blue gel but I have to admit I don't love it. I like the minion packaging but the bubble fruit feels quite sweet and is not minty at all. It is a conditioning but I like my toothpaste to be minty so that I feel fresh after I brush my teeth. Unfortunately this is a bit of a fail on my part.

Finally I picked up two Naturals by Watsons hair products. They were already on sale and I had a further RM5 off because the cashier had a special voucher. SCORE.

The Aloe Vera Anti-dandruff Hair & Scalp Tonic is very soothing on the scalp. It is super watery so do be careful when you use it. I tend to use this on second day hair to give my scalp a zing.

The precise applicator is very handy because the liquidy nature means it can go everywhere very suddenly! I like this and would recommend it!

The Aloe Vera Conditioner is quite lightweight but can be used on both scalp and hair. I slather this on after shampoo and my scalp enjoys the gentle nourishment. My hair however, feels quite dry and I know I need something stronger. Overall, I enjoy using this.

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