Thursday, 7 September 2017

Equate Sport Sunscreen

I love spray on sunscreen for top ups during the day, at the beach, and all sorts and the first one I ever tried was from Neutrogena. Since I was in Walmart in the US, I saw this Walmart's own variation and decided to pick it up to try out - Equate Sport Sunscreen Continuous Spray.

The product is made in the USA itself and the active ingredients are all listed out on the packaging so that you can check, just in case you are allergic to anything you can double check!

Taking it out of the double pack, you can actually buy this as a singular sunscreen but I use quite a bit of sunscreen and recommend that you do as well!

I like how this says that it is sweat resistant (hence the sport) and it does live up to its clear formula. The sunscreen sprays on completely clear and smells like a swimming pool, a nice swimming pool. I actually really like the scent of this, weirdly enough!

If you look at the sunscreen, you can see a lock function and this is to ensure that you can travel with it without worries.

When the product is locked, this is how it looks and you can chuck it into your bag without worrying about it spilling or accidentally spraying into your clothes.

To use, you just twist the cap so that you can start spraying! I have used this a few times and have not gotten sunburnt but still caught the sun (as it is) but I like how convenient it is and it does spray very evenly. I would repurchase (and recommend)!

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