Thursday, 24 August 2017

Zoeva Strobe Gel

The Zoeva Strobe Gel comes in 3 colours and I picked up the shade Corona, which I thought would be the easiest one to wear on my skin tone.

Zoeva Strobe Gel in Corona is peachy golden and when you first look at it, it looks like any liquid highlighter/illuminator but when you go and grab some with a brush or your fingers, that is when you can feel that the texture is really different and it is a gel-texture, making it more firm than your usual highlighter!

Now since it is a gel texture, you might wonder if this has to be applied before your powder. I personally prefer it after powder because I find that powdering after applying this takes off the sheen and it does not cake up on powder at all!

I personally prefer applying this with my fingers so that I can tap it on and build it up if necessary/wanted. I find that applying it with a brush makes the product look weird/bunch up and just look unnatural.

Zoeva Strobe Gel in Corona is a stunning colour and I really enjoy using this product. It is nice to have different formulations of highlighters so that there is a different textures and finish to the look.

I sometimes mix this in with my foundation if I know I am not out for too long and prefer a dewier look than a matte one, since I know I have combination skin and wearing a dewy finish foundation for long hours is asking for trouble!

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