Sunday, 20 August 2017

Organic Touch Malaysia

I placed an order with Organic Touch Malaysia because they have some new items and I wanted to try them out!

None of the products here are the same as the box I was sent earlier to blog about so let's dig in!

Featuring the best product of the lot, the Organic Sugar Wax is actually all sorts of amazing. Organic Touch Malaysia claims that this is not painful at all and I thought "yes, sure, you're just trying to sell me the product" but I used this to wax my legs and it actually did not hurt!

You do get given some ice cream sticks, 2 to be exact and about 6 cotton strips that are reusable and easily washed.

The actual wax looks like honey and feels really thick and gloopy.

I am hoping that you can tell from the picture the viscosity of the product!

I swirl the stick around to get product and then let the majority of it drip off before smearing it on my skin and using a strip of cloth on top of it. There is an instruction sheet but it really is very easy to use. It is messy compared to the usual Veet strips but I don't mind it since there is less pain!

I picked up both of the body scrubs offered and this is the Organic Coffee Scrub!

I like how the sticker features a coffee stain, very cute!

The coffee scrub looks really chunky and it is actually quite hard because a lot of it was stuck to each other. To get to the product, you have to use dry hands to sort of scrap around a little bit.

There are coffee granules and sugar granules mixed together. It is quite a harsh scrub so if you have really sensitive skin or if you get red quite easily, maybe skip this.

The Organic Rose Scrub is also made of sugar granules and there are rose petals in here.

The sticker on top of this tub has a rose, which is appropriate but not as cute as the coffee stain in my opinion.

The actual scrub is actually very scrubby, just like the coffee scrub. I find it quite harsh on the skin but very satisfying on the legs.

It smells really beautiful and the inclusion of rose oil, rose petals, epsom salt in the sugar is quite hydrating on the limbs. I do not need to use a body lotion after scrubbing with this - bonus for lazy people!

The Aloe Mint Face Mist feels really refreshing and lovely on the face but I will be decanting this into another bottle as I do not like the spritz on this at all. The mint is very refreshing without stinging!

I also picked up the Organic Touch Malaysia Everlasting Rose Face Scrub. The tin it comes in is decorated prettily and I had high hopes for this.

The consistency of this is a lot finer than the body scrubs. It is a salt scrub with crushed rose petals. The salt also looks a little pink because apart from Epsom salt and fine sea salt, there is the inclusion of fine Himalayan pink salt!

While this is finer in texture, the inclusion of olive oil, rose water and rose geranium essential oil makes it feel slightly like wet sand (for lack of a better way to describe it). I tried scrubbing my face with this and the oils actually left a film on my skin, which I did not like.

I wet my face and use a bit of this and there is a film leftover, which I then had to remove with another cleanser because it felt very cloying on the skin! I am actually considering using this more on my chest and back area. You may enjoy this if you have drier skin because it would probably help your skin feel less dry and more protected.

Finally, a really random purchase was this pink glass bottle.

I thought the bottles look really cute and I had previously been sent some purple rose tea which I drink through my normal mug but I wanted a glass container to be able to better appreciate the flower tea. There is a compartment to transport the dry items if you would rather not have it soaking in the water but it will steam through the container. I also do no like how it does not sit properly and sometimes fall through.

The bottle is clear as it is completely glass and the pink sleeve really helps when you put hot water in the flask. However, there are pops of pink on the cap and I think it is really cute.

This haul was a bit of a hit and miss. I am not the biggest fan of the scrubs offered even though I was most excited for them initially. I do really like the rest of the haul, especially the amazing wax!

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