Sunday, 13 August 2017

The Seeds Natural #2

I have placed a second order with The Seeds Natural because my last haul was such a hit! I picked up 6 items, loved 4, liked 2! If that is not a win, I do not know what is, so I decided to do a second haul.

This time I also decided to try out some solid soap bars. Each soap bar come with description and which ones suit what skin type. I picked out The Seeds Natural  Lemon Tea Tree and The Seeds Natural Peppermint Breeze. Both smell absolutely incredible and I am so happy I decided to get these bar soaps!

Now this beautiful soap was a gift from Amanda (@theseedsnatural) and it is a Mother's Day Special soap! So by the time this post is up, this soap is long gone. However, you might be able to ask Amanda real nicely when you place an order if they have any left because it is so delightful.

The sheabutter rose soap smells light, refreshing and I love the lavender hit. The rose is more on the intricate design on the flip side of the soap. I keep sniffing this but I don't want to use it because then the design will be lost and I cannot bear it!

These two bar soaps I will happily use because I know that I can replace them when I am done! I like that the packaging is paper so that I can recycle it and the design is really pretty. It really is the little things that take a product from good to great!

This The Seeds Natural Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is actually a repurchase for me. I had tried the The Seeds Natural Sweet Almond Oil and this The Seeds Natural Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and decided to repurchase the coconut oil because it is cheaper and I find myself liking both oils equally anyway.

When The Seeds Natural first launched this The Seeds Natural Botanico Mild Body Wash, I was really excited to try it out. I have finally gotten round to picking it up. While it is 200ml, I was surprised at how small it is! However, this is even better than I expected. It smells very gently of herbs and botanics and is really gentle. It does not foam or suds up much but the jojoba base is definitely gentle and non-drying on the skin whatsoever. I think it has actually helped my back in that I have less breakouts. I love this and will be picking a restock for sure. 

I saw the full size of The Seeds Natural Soothing Mist and no way was I passing this up! This was one of my favourite items in my previous haul - actually I loved most things I picked up, so when I saw a full size I knew I wanted it stat! This is 100ml so you can take it up on the plane with you but I have the smaller bottle so I would decant it. I think it smells really soothing (calming and refreshing is what they claim) but please be mindful that your fellow passengers on the plane may not like it as much as you and I do!

I also decided to pick up two essential oils and the ones I chose are The Seeds Natural Rosemary Essential Oil and The Seeds Natural Lavender Essential Oil. Each essential oil comes in a little box which has a little note on how to use it safely.

I like the packaging that these come in because it is aesthetically pleasing, simple yet clear. The bottles have the typical dropper style where you shake out one or two drops to use. Now because I want to use this in my room, I also picked up a diffuser!

The last thing I got was actually the diffuser abovementioned. You can actually pick one up at most places but I just picked it up from this haul as well. I picked up a small one because I am currently renting a place and did not really want to accumulate too much stuff (futile attempt). The package came so beautifully wrapped that it would make an excellent present and it works well.

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