Saturday, 12 August 2017

Liese Creamy Bubble Colour in Dark Chocolat

Back when my multi-coloured hair was fading (read about the colouring job HERE), I had to go back to work and decided to just pick up a box dye to darken it.

I picked up the Liese Creamy Bubble Colour in Dark Chocolat, partly because it was on sale, partly because I have used it before and partly because it seemed safe. You get the instruction leaflet, the colour (part 1), mixture (part 2), gloves, a rinse-off treatment and a pump!

So first up, you mix part 1 with part 2 and tip the bottle gently to mix the mixture. They say clearly not to shake the bottle and I just followed the instructions!

I have somewhat come to expect gloves in all home dye kits because it is otherwise a real mess! Some give you the really thin plastic disposable but this one is slightly more substantial latex gloves.

Now I recommend reading the instruction leaflet thoroughly before even doing anything else, and I included the pump to show you. Essentially after tipping the bottle to mix the two liquids up, you change the cap to this pump!

Finally, we have the rinse-off treatment which smells really nice but it was nothing special in my opinion. Most dye jobs do include a one-off hair treatment so this was alright.

Here is a bare face look but I have included this picture to show you the colour of my hair! You can see that where the hair has been bleached to put like the red, pink, blue and purple, the dark brown covered it really well but there is a distinct difference from where my hair was not coloured/bleached at all. I will also tell you that this actually did not last very long on me. By 1 month, the brown was fading so it was not great.

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