Thursday, 17 August 2017

eyeko liquid brow liner

The Eyeko Liquid Brow Liner is actually the first liquid eyebrow pen that I had heard about after the Suqqu (too expensive and not easily obtained in Malaysia)

I picked mine up from Sephora Malaysia. I personally like the Eyeko mascaras but it is harder to use them for my sad lashes because they are not dry enough to hold a curl up (hello waterproof formulas)

So I thought I would try this out because I have not heard many people talk about it.

I like the fine tip of the pen and like the 3CE brow definer which I picked up to try, both have really fine tips which is excellent for drawing brow hairs.

Now I love that the Eyeko Liquid Brow Liner actually swatches really lightly, which is what you would want from a brow pen. I find this Eyeko Liquid Brow Liner  a little too cool in colour and on my brows it looks more obvious than the 3CE offering. /if you havelighter brows than I do or tend to use lighter products, this would probably be too cool toned for you as well.

So overall, a good product but the colour is a little off for me, perhaps I need the other shade!

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