Thursday, 31 August 2017

Guardian & Watsons Haul

There is a general misconception that Guardian is more expensive than Watsons. I think this is because when Watsons started out, they were quite a lot cheaper but now the opposite is usually true!

I like to try out Watsons and Guardian's own product because if it is good, it is usually a cheaper alternative.
The Watsons cleansing facial wipes floral herbal is quite scented but the packs are nice and small, which makes it easy to travel with and the seal is quite sturdy so far. I personally find it decent at removing makeup, but not as satisfying as the Simple Micellar Water wipes!

These Watsons baby wipes are no strangers to me, but I decided to just pick up the fragrance-free version this time. They are good to use and I have no complaints.

Upon comparison, the aloe vera gel sold at Guardian was much cheaper so that is where I bought mine. This has actually been completely used up and is great at soothing any skin discomfort or burns!

I also picked up some body lotions and creams because my skin was getting so dry I could see scales starting to form and I pretty much freaked out.

This Johnson & Johnson body lotion smells really lovely and the consistency is not too fluid. It is a nice texture.

It massages in quite well and leaves a very slight sheen on the skin and feels comfortable.

The body lotion came with this Neutrogena Deep Hydrating Mask which was pretty nice to use. My skin felt refreshed without any superhero changes but it was a nice mask all the same.

I could not resist purchasing this Johnson & Johnson Oxygen Fresh Gel Lotion because it came with a little mini!

The texture on this is really light, watery and fluid. It smells fresh and absorbs quite quickly on the skin. This is perfect on a hot day!

Finally, we have a third body lotion because I am such a freak.

The NiveaIntensive Nourishment Quick Absorption Creme for Body Face & Hands is reminiscent of the soft cream I had tried before. I think this is a reformulation or a repackaging.

As usual, the product is sealed for hygiene and sanitary reasons.

The goodness within is this soft, white cream that smells like Nivea products - I love!

The actual cream is quite soft and it contains no mineral oil.

I absolutely love applying this product all over after a shower and it feels almost like a light body butter! The fact that it is marketed for facial use also makes me less wary when using it on my acne-proned back because I think that it is probably light enough for it.

The product does not leave much of a trace on the skin but you can smell amazing for the night! I have actually finished this pot up and purchased the proper full sized one because I like it that much!

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