Sunday, 30 July 2017

Liquid highlighters

I generally prefer powder highlighters because I tend to decide if I want to wear highlighter when I am done with most of my face like piling on the highlighter at the end. 

So let's talk about the 3 here that are not powder highlighters. I have a few more but these are my favourites of the moment! Zoeva Strobe Gel in Corona, Josie Maran Argan Enlightenment Illuminizer & Benefit Sun Beam.

Left - Right : Zoeva, Josie Maran, Benefit. Now of the 3, the Zoeva is the most pinkish here, it is more neutral than the other two shades and looks almost rose gold here. The texture and all I talk about in detail HERE. I don't tend to mix it with foundation because I find it too subtle and the beauty of the highlighter is lost.

The Josie Maran offering is really illuminating. Out of the 3 it is really popping and the least subtle of the bunch! This one applies badly on top of powder but is really beautiful mixed with foundation. It can be a little intense by itself and I have noticed that it is quite easy to go patchy if you try to blend it and it is already dry (and it dries quite quickly!)

Finally for the Benefit Sun Beam, which is the first golden highlighter I picked up, I love this on when I catch a tan. I mix it with foundation, wear it by itself. I find it really versatile and the little brush makes it easy to control how much you get and use. It is deeper and more golden than the Josie Maran shade.

The highlighters are really beautiful and I love each of them for a different reason and a different use. I hope that by showing you my favourites and showing you the shades and telling you how I wear them helps you decide if you need one of all three of them!

That is it for this post and I hope you have found it useful! Let me know what your favourite highlighter at the moment is!

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