Thursday, 3 August 2017

silkygirl quikclean gentle nail polish remover

I bought this to help remove nail polish (COULD YOU GUESS?!) but in all seriousness, I like the Sephora sponge one to remove my fingers' nail polish but for toes, I had to go old school

Essentially I just picked up whatever I could find and this is a non-acetone version but I cannot say I recommend this. It take a long time to remove nail polish so QuikClean in the name is rather misleading.

I have read that if you use a "gentle" formula but it needs you to go back and forth and rub it, that defeats the gentleness because you would be doing more harm to whatever it is - so here it is to your nails.

Basically, do not get it. NO. Stay away. (Get their eyeliner instead)

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