Thursday, 6 July 2017

Hermo #5

One Hermo haul, Two Hermo haul, Three Hermo haul... Oh dear.

Actually there are so many hauls because I split up the order. Here I picked up yet another refill of the Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Dear Brachiosaurus Mulberry Blotting Paper (Refill) because this is amazing and I just want more.

I really missed having the Etude House Tint My Brows Gel because it makes my makeup routine in the morning quicker, faster and I do not have to fuss about my brows for a few days! Even if my brows need touching up, the general tint helps frame them better so it is easier for me to focus on how much product I need.

This Dejavu Lasting-Fine Eyeliner (Glossy Black) came as part of a set with the mascara which is featured right below this. It is meant to repel oil, sweat and tears and rub-resistant! The product is also suppose to rinse off with warm water, all of which we will test out!

The pen is a vivid pink which makes it easy to pick out in your makeup bag and amongst all the black and silvers, this is a welcome change!

The actual brush is really fine and it is not a suede tip, rather fine brush hairs so there is more control but it is softer to use so some people find that harder to control but I personally find that I can get a finer line with this.

I am actually quite impressed with how dark this swatched! I tried to create thin and thick lines just to see how it would show up and so far I am impressed! The reviews are not great so I did not have high expectations but I will report back on how it works and whether it stays put in the heat of the day!

So the second item in the set is the Dejavu Fiberwig Mascara and this is a very lengthening mascara. I have actually tried this in a store before on top of the mascara I was already wearing and I had crazy spidery lashes that were so long they almost touched my eyebrows. ALMOST. So I have wanted to try this out properly since that!

The brush is slightly curved which I quite like and even here you can see the fibers on the mascara and it is something that is quite intense!

I picked two sets of mascara + eyeliner and this Maybelline duo was also added in my bag just to try out.

The Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama Waterproof Mascara is all sorts of amazing. I bought it hoping it would hold up a curl but it lengthens, volumises and holds up a curl. GIRL!

The wand itself is interesting and quite unique. The bristles are actually more far apart than I am used to and the bristles are made of plastic. Maybelline talks about some U shape that helps catch the lashes and curl them, I do not understand the technology but you NEED this mascara. It is more intense than Heroine Make so if you like that but want more, you will love this.

The Maybelline Hypersharp Super Black Eyeliner on the other hand, was pretty disappointing.

The eyeliner brush is also made of fine hairs rather than a felt/suede tip so you can achieve a really fine line.

However, how is this super black? This is acceptable as brown-black or dark brown but I would have been disappointed had this been labelled as black, let alone super black!

You can build the liner up and it does look really black after multiple strokes but there are better eyeliners out there and I really cannot be bothered with an eyeliner like that! Eyeliner is hard enough to get correct without having to go in repeatedly and increase the chances of messing it all up!

Finally, I picked up 3 NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams because they were on sale and that was totally justifiable. 

I picked up a blue, a red and a dark berry shade and just as a sneak peek, I'll show you how the shades look but there will be a standalone blog post on this because I want to show you how the products look on the face!

Here they are!

That is all for this Hermo haul, do you have any of the items I have mentioned here? Tell me about your experience with the products by leaving me a comments below!

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