Saturday, 8 July 2017

Bare Minerals Original Foundation

Bare Minerals Original Foundation is a classic foundation and is actually really good for the skin, especially if you suffer from acne or breakouts. The brand says that you can wear it to sleep because it is made of minerals but I would never do that. Still, it is quite nice to know that the product is that safe.

Mine is a limited edition packaging because I bought it along with a Bare Minerals brush (which I have misplaced) and so I am using a Zoeva brush to buff in the foundation. Apart from the cover, the actual product is the same! There is a lock system for the foundation to keep all the loose powders in place.

To get to the product, you just unscrew it. I then tend to pour the powder on the cover so that I can swirl my brush around the cover to pick it up. The product actually has SPF15 which is not sufficient even in winter days but it is a nice addition to your existing sunscreen (Wear sunscreen daily!)

Bare Minerals has a brush for this specific function which works perfectly but since I have misplaced mine, I am just using a Zoeva Face Brush to buff it into the skin.

We have to start off with some clear skin so that you can see how my skin looks like without any makeup/product.

This gives you a better idea of how much coverage you can get from the Bare Minerals Original Foundation.

I am actually going to apply the Bare Minerals Original Foundation in Light to half of my face so that you can see and compare the differences. With a powder foundation, you want to buff it into the face with the brush, which means you move the brush in circles. Initially you will wonder what you are doing as nothing is happening and then suddenly you will see the difference between the before and after of your skin!

Here you can clearly see that I have the Bare Minerals Original Foundation in Light on half of my face. Where the product is, it has covered the redness and even out the skin tone, which is essentially what a foundation is supposed to do!

Here I have it all over apart from my eyelids and you can see that the skin looks really even throughout. I personally do not think it looks like makeup but rather just skin.

The resulting finish is quite natural, especially if you get your exact shade. This shade is just a smidgen light for me here because I have gotten slightly more tanned since returning to Malaysia. I bought this when I was in the UK and was slightly fairer in skintone.

Here I have finished up the rest of my makeup and because it is a powder foundation, I tend to use powder products on top so that I am not messing my makeup about. I actually really enjoy how the makeup looks and feel. However, using a powder foundation is more time consuming but the resulting finish is usually beautiful and very skin-like. Sometimes if I am using a tinted moisturiser or a sheer foundation but I have bits where I would like more coverage, I would use this Bare Minerals Original Foundation for a top up of coverage just where I need it. 

This review has been a long time coming and the Bare Minerals Original Foundation is a classic choice for a reason. If you have oilier skin or have acneic skin, this is really a good choice!

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