Sunday, 9 July 2017

Catrice Prime and Fine Eyeyshadow Base

Catrice is a really affordable brand and when I realised they have their own eyeshadow primer, I absolutely had to try it out because if it's a good one, it is the ultimate eyeshadow primer dupe!

The Catrice Prime and Fine Eyeshadow Base is in a dinky rectangular packaging that is really good for travelling because it is plastic but sturdy. I think the actual packaging is made to look somewhat frosted rather than it showing the product, although the product is of a similar colour, a skintone colour for those with lighter skin.

The doe foot applicator does pick up a lot of product and I find that it generally dispenses too much product so I tend to dot it on with just the tip of the applicator rather than swipe it on because it would be product overload. This also means that the opening of the bottle gets quite grubby quickly because of the excess product on the doe foot applicator but it is nothing a quick wipe would not fix!

The Catrice Prime and Fine Eyeshadow Base does blend out into nothing if you do not use too much product. It is slightly scented which I could have done without since it is an eye product and I tend to be more wary of fragrance near my eyes. The actual texture of the Catrice Prime and Fine Eyeshadow Base is quite liquidy, especially for an eyeshadow primer that is dispensed with a doefoot applicator.  In comparison with the Nars Eyeshadow Base (which I love), that one is really silicone-y whereas this one feels more wet.

The swatches are from Left to Right : Finger swatch without Catrice, Brush swatch without Catrice; Finger swatch with Catrice underneath, Brush swatch with Catrice underneath.
Now you can see that the Catrice Prime and Fine Eyeshadow Base definitely helped the eyeshadow apply smoother, especially evident in the brush swatches. It does not perform as well in intensifying the eyeshadow colour.

Here I retried the test and the top swatch is without Catrice and the bottom is with Catrice. So in this swatch, the eyeshadow definitely looks more intense with the Catrice Prime and Fine Eyeshadow Base and I tried to keep it consistent by swirling my fingers in the eyeshadow for the same amount of times.

The real test was when I wiped the eyeshadow away with a regular baby wipe and you can see that the Catrice Prime and Fine Eyeshadow Base definitely helped with longevity and lasting power! You can see the without the Catrice Prime and Fine Eyeshadow Base, the eyeshadow wiped off really easily but with the primer, even though the eyeshadow is definitely muted down, it is still there.

I tend to always wear eyeshadow primers, even when I am not wearing eyeshadow because I believe it helps with eyeliner wear as well. However, I will say that while this Catrice Prime and Fine Eyeshadow Base does an alright job, there are other eyeshadow primers that I prefer. I feel that after a few hours, my eyeshadow still creases compared to other eyeshadow primers. So I would not recommend picking this up even though it is really affordable compared to the other eyeshadow primers because I believe that we should just invest a little bit more! I like a few others including the Smashbox offering, the Etude House Proof 10, the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, as well as the Nars eyeshadow primer.

Have you tried this?

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