Thursday, 13 July 2017

Athea Turns 2!

It feels like just a while ago that Althea celebrated its first birthday! I blogged about it HERE and it was actually my first ever purchase from

The boxes had balloons on them last year, but this year's birthday box is a cake! How adorable! It is also the first of its kind that I have seen, making it pretty special!

There are actually 3 variations of the birthday box, as well as 2 variations on the included birthday decoration kit! Mine is the blue box  and the decorations make this even more fun! My box did arrive slightly dented so I could not do more photos because it would be really obvious (and not very pretty)

Now despite it being Althea's birthday, we are the ones who get the birthday goodies! It is really amazing!

First up, we have the bigger items included as "birthday gifts" from Althea to us!

This Half Moon Eyes Pink Fruity Mask is actually really popular on the website and I have personally purchased this before but have not gotten round to using it! There are about 2 uses in one pack and it is easy to travel with for a treat on the go!

This is definitely a more interesting inclusion. The PureSmile Neco Punch Point Pads in Jasmine! I was not actually sure what these were initially but they are actually sheet masks which are made in smaller circular shapes to target and pin point areas! There are a few variations and the Jasmine one has this green pattern on the individual sheets.

This Skinature Goat Milk Second Skin Mask is for brightening the face and it is a complete sheet mask, much like the ones we are more commonly exposed to. I have not heard of this brand so I am happy to try it out and see how it performs on my skin.

Next we have the Belle Journee Tattoo Tint in Holyday Pink! I have no idea if that is a play on words or spelling, if it is intentionally spelt that way or not!

This is a deluxe size sample and the first thing you will notice is how fluorescent the colour is even in the tube. It has a paddle shape doe-foot applicator and while I generally prefer the ones with a more pointed tip, I have no real issue with this applicator.

The formula feels really watery and cooling when you first apply it. It does not dry down matte and stay slightly shiny even after 5 minutes. There is a definite stain when you go to remove it! The colour is definitely quite obvious and brightening on the face and would work well when you pair it with a more muted look or when you are on holiday!

Finally, we have a whole bunch of samples thrown into the mix!

There is an inclusion of the Wangskin girl's skin moisture cleanser as well as the Aqua Blossom White Effect Oled Cream.

There are actually so many samples from Whamisa as a brand! There was an inclusion of a sachet of the Whamisa Organic Flowers Water Cream, 2 sachets of the Whamisa Organic Flowers Toner and 3 sachets of theWhamisa Organic Flowers Lotion! I think I will be able to give this a proper trial and decide if I like it!

Now you can get all of these from by just placing an order from them during their birthday month of July!

There are also giveaways held daily, various sales and all sorts of exciting deals on their facebook, instagram and website! There is even a Fly Me To Korea Contest which I am hoping and keeping my fingers crossed!  Don't miss out on this birthday celebration!

Included in the box is a discount code for your next order as well, so get cracking guys!

Just as a sneak peek, these are the items I picked up on the haul and a blog post is coming up to run you through everything!

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