Sunday, 2 July 2017

Lizly What a Chic Palette + Lizly What a Lovely Palette

I had no plans to pick up more eyeshadows but the Lizly What a Chic Palette so I thought alright, I'll try that out but after reading all the reviews and seeing that there is a Lizly What a Lovely Palette, I had to get both!

The Lizly What a Chic Palette is a completely matte palette and the Lizly What a Lovely Palette is of 6 shimmery shades.

Out of the 6 matte shades, the brown on the top right corner is slightly more satin in finish compared to the rest, but they are buttery and soft. 

The pigmentation is impressive, just as promised on the website! I am very impressed by these eyeshadows and they swatch really well.

The swatches here do not look as popping but that might be because I swatched them a little too high where my arm is not super hair-free and smooth. The pigmentation is really good in the palette and the eyeshadows are not powedery, pick up really well on the finger and on brushes.

The Lizly What a Lovely Palette has 5 super shimmery shades and 1 satin brown shade to blend out.

The champagne gold is easy to wear and the shade I struggle the most with is the coral, I don't really know how to wear it! However the burgundy is so stunning.

The satin brown actually looks almost like it has a green-ish tinge but it blends out really beautifully when you use it as a transition shade.

Here are the shades smushed out and the molten gold colour looks so beautiful! It is not a typical shade I go for but I think it is very beautifully golden!

The shimmery shades definitely swatch better, as expected and they wear beautifully on the eyes with minimal fall out.

I will say that the eyeshadows are not as long wearing as some that I have tried and after trying it out, it does not last 12 hours even with eye primer. It does not crease but fades gradually. Overall, I am really impressed by these two Lizly eyeshadow palettes and would recommend that you check them out!

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