Saturday, 3 June 2017

The Pampery Cupcake Bath Fizz

The Pampery Cupcake Bath Fizz is slightly deceiving in nature. It looks really cute and at $1, it was a no brainer to try out. I did pick both up at $1 because they were on the half price post-Christmas sale rack at Walmart and I did not want to have to pick between the two.

Now personally, I find these really cute and the detail on the actual bath fizz is cute. The cupcake frosting has some glitter on it but the cupcake base has a little paper holder.

The product itself is actually made in China. If you have an issue with products made from the country, this is one to stay away from. The directions also clearly states that the product will actually detach because the frosting top is to be used as a soap and the cupcake base is the actual bath fizz.

Having tried both The Pampery Cupcake Bath Fizz, I have to profess that if you are looking for Lush like bath bombs, you will be very disappointed. I know that I was. The cupcake frosting top actually detaches before you even put it into water. Once the plastic cling wrap holding the cupcake together is detached, the frosting top pretty much falls off.

More importantly, the cupcake fizz barely fizzled. It dropped to the bottom of the bath tub with a tud and looked really sad as it just melted away.

Overall this was a really disappointing product but at 50 cents, I don't think I can really complain. It certainly did not live up to its name of being a bath fizz!

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