Thursday, 1 June 2017

Hattitude Salon @ Setia Walk, Puchong

Remember when I had really colourful hair? I had 4 colours in my hair not counting the canopy black at the top because I specifically asked for the hair dye not to be brought all the way to the root. So if we count the original black, I had 5 colours in my hair at one shot. 

This is not my first time to Hattitude Salon but they had moved and the Salon is now even more beautiful and has a real hipster vibe to it! This is the main door and if you go to Setia Walk, please look for Leonard to do your hair.

These cushions are just so adorable and I really appreciate it when places take the time to decorate. I tried to take more photos but the lighting was not ideal and a lot of the photos came out a bit pixelated. Just to give you an idea, the place has a really rustic, old school vibe (hipster).

There are small end tables but there are no counters in front of you. Instead, you get a full-length mirror, so ladies if you are wearing skirts or dresses, please be mindful of the mirror!

At this point, I knew I wanted to colour my hair but did not know what or how yet.

I hope this promotion is still running but essentially, Hattitude Salon survives based on social media influence, which is a brilliant way to promote oneself. I went to Leonard for hair colouring services because I have seen a lot of his work on instagram  and I like what I saw!

After discussing what to do, I basically told Leonard to do whatever he pleased and after being indecisive about 4 colours that I like, he said we could do 4 colours but sectioning the top off to keep it black and that we would do almost an ombre to the colour because I did not want my roots to be coloured at all. We then bleached the hair.

The hair actually had to be bleached twice so that the colour can really pop. I also have pretty thick hair so the bleaching had to be done to allow the colour to pentrate the hair properly.

This took so long and I had my hair all wrapped up to allow the bleach to do its work. My friend Yee Ling went with me, she had a haircut and proceeded to be bored out of her brains waiting for me, and helping me take photos - poor girl.

If you don't have a patient friend, bring books, bring your ipad/macbook to do some work. It will be immensely helpful to distract yourself with actual work. I went after lunch at about 1pm but it took me almost 6 hours before I left with the colourful hair you saw!

After 2 rounds of bleaching, we finally got to the hair colouring part. I actually had my hair sectioned into three tiers. The first tier had no colour until the mid-lengths and it was dyed blue. The second tier was split into left and right, with the right going purple and the left going red. The final tier was bright pink.

Now if anyone was wondering, this is Leonard, and not only is he a senior colourist, Yee Ling and I both agree that he cuts a fringe like no others. Be it straight bangs, side-swept bangs, soft and wispy fringe, he does it beautifully.

The colouring did not take as long as the bleaching process thankfully because by this point I was dying and we were fast losing sunlight, which meant the pictures were getting grainier by the minute.

Here you can see the various colours and actually it was pretty crazy for me but I loved it.

The purple was one of my favourites and the blue was really nice when it first came out although it was ashier and less royal than I had expected. The pink was bright and more fluorescent than any of us expected but that's what hair colouring is sometimes like, it's an experiment!

The red actually came out more like a dark orange copper, which I must admit I did not love. It made it really obvious that I had coloured my hair but I was expecting a rich auburn/burgundy red but it was so bright and orangey red!

Since I had gone into the Salon with braided hair and told Leonard that my default hairstyle is either  a bun or a braid, Leonard braided my hair to show off the colours and I have never had such a neat Dutch braid and thought I must show it off to all of you.

For weeks, I wore my hair in all sorts of styles and when it was down I would curl the ends. Somehow my hair was actually softer, smoother, shinier and curled better. My hair was holding onto heat and styles better than ever before.

I ended up really loving the purple and the coloured hair made me feel more like a blogger/cool and all that. 

I write this blogpost because I had such a great experience at Hattitude Salon and more importantly, I had a whale of a time with my coloured hair! I did not use special shampoo for coloured hair (I know I should have) and I went travelling shortly after. The colours did fade, but when I was in the States people were complimenting me almost on a daily basis on my crazy hair. I eventually had to colour it dark for work and the blue was fading into a greenish grey. This was about 6 weeks into the colouring of my hair. I believe that if you look after it, the colours will last longer. 

My hair was also in really good condition despite the colouring. Would I do it again? Honestly, my profession probably does not allow such colours and I do not think I have the patience to sit through it all again. Once in a while though, I think of the colours and I miss the buzz it gave me having all these colours in my hair.

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