Sunday, 28 May 2017

Make up Swap with BeauteeBeauty

If there is one thing more fun than shopping for makeup, it is to pick up items for a friend! Or in this case, we did a makeup swap! How it works is just that we pick a budget and then buy items we like for each other to try out! Amanda from BeauteeBeauty was a real sweetheart and picked these 5 items for me to try out!

Let's start with something I have sort of already tried out. I used to love the Maybelline Lash Sensational and I think the brush is fantastic!

It is easy to use and really helps fan out the lashes and give you length. It does not volumise as much as other mascaras but it is a nice day time mascara if you don't want lashes that are too dramatic. I personally love all the length and quite a bit of volume on my sad lashes.

I say I have sort of used this because I used to use the regular version but not the waterproof version. I do like this mascara, I just have ones that I prefer more nowadays!

Everything else in the pile are new to me, including this Maybelline Rebel Bouquet by Coloursensational in Rebel 09. I am really sad that this print is only a plastic that you have to remove to open the lipstick up.

This shade is pretty in your face and bright!

It is not a matte lipstick but more of a satin finish lipstick.

It does come in a standard lipstick bullet shape so nothing much to say about that.

The shade is bordering on fluorescent and really quite a hot pink! I have not had the courage to wear it by itself in a bold way but what I have been doing is to dab it on the lips for a flush of colour and it is beautiful!

Next is the Catrice Long lasting Eye Pencil Waterproof. This is quite an eyeliner that sits right in between creamy and hard.

The shade is 050 Brown Town Girl, which I think is a really cute name and I always forget how nice brown eyeliner is softly buffed into the lash line.

The eyeliner comes with a point pre-sharpened but it does come with a sharpener so you can sharpen it to make it easy to use again!

The eyeliner does not glide on like what you would expect from Bobbi Brown for example, but it is creamy without dragging and the slightly harder texture means you have more control over it! You have a little bit of time to blend it out or smudge it out before it sets. The colour is a really nice dark brown which is not too warm or too light. I like this!

It is a little unfortunate that the essence satin touch blush came with an upside down "I'm New" sticker, someone obviously stuck on all the stickers without looking properly!

This is the shade "Satin Love" and while it is not my usual pinks or peachy-coral shades, I thought I would give it a go since I have it now! I will not deny that this is the sort of shade I would never reach for given any time of the day.

The swatch is quite warm and I tend to prefer a cool blush on myself personally. When using a brush it thankfully swatches a lot gentler and diffused. Finger swatches for blushes are only good to show the colour but no one wants a blush that pigmented on their cheeks!

This is more of how it would look when you apply it on your face and my goodness, what have I been missing out on! This looks incredible! It is gentle on the face so it almost looks like it is natural and I did not just apply some colour to look alive! The slight satin finish also means it does not look flat matte, which is a dead giveaway for someone wearing makeup. I really love this and I have been reaching for this so much! It is actually what I thought Tarte Exposed would look like on my skin (it does not - I gave that away) but this, this I LOVE.

Now I did leave my favourite item in the pile for last, the Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer has been my daily go-to since I started using it.

The packaging is really cute but I worry about how I am going to get to the last of the product! I have not reached that stage so I will have to get back to you on that in an empties post.

I really like this and it is silky on the eyelids and really extends the wear of my eyeshadows.

The doe foot applicator has a too-long handle but I think the product is good enough for me to overlook it plus it looks cute, even though impractical.

The shade is quite pale but blends out to nothing, it does not really have any pigmentation and thus it does not lighten the light skin at all when you apply it.

Left - Right : Wiped off (Eyeshadow with primer, eyeshadow without primer), eyeshadow with primer, eyeshadow without primer

The Zoeva eyeshadow shade looks more pigmented and brighter with the eyeshadow primer (3rd from left) and it does hold on better when it is being wiped off with a baby wipe. This is mainly because eyeshadow primer provides a slightly tacky base for the powder eyeshadow to hold on to!

I love this and I probably will repurchase when I am done with it. 

Here is a sneaky peek of what I swapped with Amanda from BeauteeBeauty and if you want to find out what she thinks about the products I picked up for her just head on over to her page to read about it!

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