Sunday, 11 June 2017

It Cosmetics Hello Lashes!

It Cosmetics Hello Lashes! is another bestseller and I know it has a unique wand and thought to myself, maybe this will hold my lashes up! In fact it claims to curl your lashes as 1 of the 5 things.

This is a 5-in-1 treatment mascara that takes the place of your volumising mascara, conditioning lash primer, peptide eyelash enhancer, lash tint and your lash curler!

Now that is a lot of claims from It Cosmetics. Does it live up to the claims?

Now a small but sort of interesting point is that the packaging of this mascara is like a rubberised coating, very different from usual mascaras and I thought I would just point that out. It is not the skinniest mascara and packing it to go might be an issue if you have a small bag!

The brush is rather unique. and it is small and has many plastic bristles but the end of it is almost like a ball but not quite. There is a tapering at the end and you can really get in there with the smaller lashes.

Now how did it perform? I don't think this was as volumising as the it cosmetics superhero mascara that I just reviewed (read it HERE) but I will say that like that mascara, this does not hold a curl up (let alone curl the lashes). So I am quite sad that this did not work out because I bought a full size as well as receiving it as part of a pack. I might do a giveaway on the full size since I tried the deluxe size and it did not really work on my lashes.

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