Saturday, 24 June 2017

Althea #3

Althea is an online shop that ships directly from Korea to your door and I have made several orders with the brand.

The inclusion of samples is always nice and in this case, I received the Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid which intrigued me as I picked up the AHA version in a post you will see coming right up and I thought it would be an excellent way of trying out both and seeing which suits my skin better.

The Nature RepublicAloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel Mist is a repurchase! I really like this. The spritz is fine so I use it directly on my face or sometimes I decant it into smaller bottles to cart around. I also spray it onto cotton pads to apply on my face as a toner after cleansing and before serums! The fact that I have repurchased this says a lot.

The Nature Republic Natural Olive Scalp Cooling Hair Pack looked like the exact thing I needed for my sensitive scalp so I decided to pick it up to try out.

My product came slightly spilt and so I contacted Althea about it. I was given a choice of sending the product back and getting a full refund or getting a new one sent to me; or to get a RM5 credit. I opted for the credit since I could not really be bothered to send the item back, especially since it was not too bad a spillage.

Now I accidentally picked up 2 of the Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Dear Brachiosaurus Mulberry blotting paper. I only meant to pick up 1 more as I already have 1 but now I have 3! I leave 1 in the office, 1 in my handbag and 1 at home. This comes with a built in mirror and the papers are picked up with a little sponge and somehow even though it looks gimmicky, that actually makes things easier to use! I love it for touch ups and the one in my handbag was so well loved that I went to pick up another (and ended up with more!)

I also picked up the innisfree sea salt perfect cleanser since there was a discount across the brand and I love how this cleanser utilises sea salt to cleanse the skin. I also like innisfree as a brand and so wanted to give this a try.

Finally, my attention was caught by the Lizly What a Lovely Palette and from there I saw the Lizly What a Chic Palette and ended up purchasing both! They had rave reviews and the colours are sweet and wearable so I thought hey, why not!

These definitely deserve their own blog posts and the Chic palette is entirely matte while the Lovely palette has 5 shimmery shades and the brown in the corner is more of a satin finish. It is not a completely matte shade but can certainly be used to blend out the other colours!

My Althea haul was quite successful this round as I have blog posts on the items coming up for you and most of them are very positive! Do you have any which you want me to review first? Do let me know in the comments below xx

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