Thursday, 22 June 2017

Catrice Makeup Haul

A while back I was in Guardian and whenever I am at Guardian Pharmacy, I do not pass up the chance to check out the Catrice stand. I saw a few bits that I wanted to try out and today we will go in depth with these items!

First up, let's chat about the Catrice All round Concealer Palette. There are 5 colour correctors & concealer shades in this palette and it is quite universal (take it with a pinch of salt).

I mainly picked it up for the green shade to combat redness, but I was curious to see how the orange shade would work for my under eye area as well. The middle shade is definitely too dark for me to use as a concealer but it could work as a contour shade and the fourth shade actually looks like it could work as a concealer for my under eye area. The final shade is too light and pink for me!

Here are finger swatches of the shades and I tend to use this with my finger as opposed to a brush. The product requires warming up of the finger and the shades are not consistent across the palette. The green shade feels the most oily whereas the orange shade is the most pigmented. The contour shade is slightly waxy in feeling and the concealer shade is hard to get out of the palette. The lightest shade swatched quite well as well but is my least used the shade I do not use.

The colour correcting aspect of the green definitely works but it is not my favourite to use because of the oily feeling. The orange shade actually works really well when I cover my under eyes with it and then top it up with the concealer shade (second from the right). 

The contour shade looks nice but actually when blended out disappears almost completely.

So this palette does not come highly recommended but for the price point, I think it is not bad at all!

Something I picked up on a complete whim, I like the embossing of the Catrice All Matt Plus Shine Control Powder and it claims to be mattifying (almost all powders are mattifying) and ultra silky.

The powder does feel really silky and whilst it is no Hourglass (it does not have the Hourglass price tag as well), it is very finely milled and smooth on the face. I use it to set my makeup, usually with a big powder brush and this is a surprise find! I have used it so much that the embossing is starting to completely disappear but I really enjoy using this and would repurchase!

There was no way that I could pick items up and just ignore the Catrice High Glow Mineral Highlighting Powder! I mean, can we just look at it! It is dome-shaped, which makes it less portable/travel friendly than the Catrice All Matt Plus Shine Control Powder above (super compact) but it looks really promising!

The finger swatch is all sorts of promising! However, when using a brush, there is quite a lot of fall out and powder flying everywhere. The actual texture is not butter. Instead it is well and truly a powder so prepare for a kick up of powder while you swirl your bush in this product. It also feels a little.. It is not rough, but it does not feel soft and smooth.

The finger swatch here is rather promising and I remember thinking that the colour is really pretty and it is not glittery to the eye.

However when blended out, this leaves a white cast and this blended out version is more realistic of what I would wear on my cheeks and is similar to the effect you will achieve when applying it with a brush. There are slight glittery bits and a definite white cast on the face so this is far from my favourite highlighter. I have to be really careful wearing this and blend it out to amke it work. I sometimes use it as an accent eyeshadow but even then, I find this product difficult to work with.

So that's the review of the 3 items I picked up from Catrice recently. The powder was a win, the highlighter was a fail, the palette faired so-so! I hope you found this useful and let me know what your favourite budget concealer, highlighter and powder are!

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