Thursday, 4 May 2017


This is the final USA drugstore makeup haul and we end on a bit of a high and a bit of a downer. That almost made no sense!

This wet n wild number cost me so little I can't quite remember but I think it was $1-$2, ridiculous! The colour is stunning and I was really excited about it!

Can we take a moment to just admire this beast of a colour! The wet n wild colour icon glitter single in Brass Laiton is so beautiful and I had really high hopes for it.

However the glitter does not transfer well even on finger swatches, let alone a brush swatch.

The formula feels really oily when I dipped my finger in which made me really nervous about putting it on my eye and I will admit that I still have not braved that stage. It is pretty but after swatching it does not quite look the same and there is almost an oily film on it.

Here I have gone in for a second dip and you can see that the glitter particles are literally just that, glitter particles and no real base. That's why you can see that it actually looks patchy and I think that if you want to you have to use a finger to pat it on your eyelid and maybe do your eye makeup before anything else.

The Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24Hour Concentrated Crayon in Creamy Chocolate was picked up because I liked the Bronze Truffle so much that I thought yes, I am picking up another shade! This is one of the more wearable shades that I know I will get a lot of usage so this is what I picked up.

You do not actually sharpen the pencil but you twist it up from the bottom and usually with shadow sticks like this I shape them by swatching them a certain way to sharpen them.

Look at how rich the colour is and I feel that it is beautiful. If you smudge it out it is gentler and easier to wear but on the lash line it is stunning and the richness is beautiful without being as overwhelming as black.

Then we have Almay Eye Makeup Remover and it is really good for taking off eyeshadow and eyeliner but because I wear waterproof mascara, this did not do anything for that at all.

If you see this in store and you don't wear waterproof mascara, this is actually excellent for removing makeup and it is so easy to travel with and portable!

Each pad comes saturated but without being overwhelmingly wet or dripping. It is just sufficient to remove makeup and I find a pad for each eye to be just right.

I have already reviewed the e.l.f. blending eye brush and I think it is brilliant. I find myself reaching for it a lot and using it to put eyeshadow on and also to blend it out.

Another winning product is definitely this Maybelline Brow Precise Fiber Volumiser and I have the shade deep brown. I have the L'oreal Brow Artist Plumper and I also picked up the Maybelline offering a few years back, maybe 2015, but I love this.

Please come to Malaysia! This really holds eyebrow hairs in place and it also gives definite volume and bulks it up. I will try to include photos of my brows with and without the product.

The Covergirl Clump Crusher Water Resistant Mascara is a bit disappointing as it ended up not holding up a curl. I think that I needed a waterproof mascara and not merely one that is water resistant but I could not find one!

Apart from that, it definitely lives up to not being a clumpy mascara. It combs out nicely and does not clump up and lengthens without being crazy. I think that it is not a dramatic mascara and I would not put it under "volumising".

The bristles are the plastic kind which not everyone likes but I personally like it because it tends to lengthen more. In the USA the wands are always separate from the actual mascara tube but everywhere else that I have bought mascara, it just comes in one tube so as soon as you take out the wand, it is black and quite difficult to photograph.

The last thing I picked up feels a bit random but is essential in bodycare! I use sunscreen on my face daily. I am religious about it but I neglect my body quite a lot. This twinpack is a Walmart's own brand, equate, and it is a dupe for the Neutrogena ones that I like so much. I saw those as well but this is not only cheaper, it is also something I have not used so I thought I would put it to the test and review it for you!

That is it for Walmart shopping~!

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