Sunday, 30 April 2017

Empties #33

Empties empties empties! Let's start with haircare this time and I do not have too many items but I decided to do a post because I wanted to clear out the bin!

My invisibobble dupe snapped after daily usage over weeks/months and it finally gave way. I was a little sad but have so many spares of these (thankfully) so I am alright!

When I was near the end of this Wen Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner, I picked up another but in the Fig scent. I really enjoy using this as it keeps my hair soft and the menthol feels so good on the scalp. I have not had any issues with hair fall with this product!

I tried this Ouai Repair Shampoo + Conditioner while I was travelling and it feels really good on the hair. I managed to squeeze 2 uses out of the shampoo but only 1 of the conditioner. I like both product and it smells fruity yet musky, an interesting scent!

I really enjoyed the Claire's Organic Nourishing Rosemary Lavender Hair & Scalp Treatment Oil and I will be repurchasing this. I have a few bits that I want to pick up from Claire's so I am saving for an order!

This Kebelo Enriching Masque  felt like a nice hair conditioner and it smells really good and feels nourishing but I am not sure if it was nourishing enough to be a hair mask!

Now onto some makeup bits.

I finished up the oil blotter sheets from this Too Cool For School Dinoplatz  Dear Brachiosaurus Mulberry Blotting Paper and I have purchased 2 more of these so that I can leave 1 at the office, 1 in my handbag and 2 refills so that I can refill this one and leave it at home. I really enjoy using this and the little package has a built in mirror which makes it insanely useful too!

The Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation has a standalone review HERE and I still stand by what I think. If you think that the MakeUpForEver Face & Body Foundation offers little to no coverage, this is even LESS than that! The tint it offers does seem to perfect the skin/provide a slight sheen that looks healthy rather than sweaty but I don't think this does anything that justify the price point at all.

This pair of Shiseido Eyelash Curlers is not the usual one that I pick up from the more premium outlets. This one was picked up at the drugstore. They cost the same but this one is not as nice to use. The one I prefer also comes in more of a gunmetal colour. I have decided to say goodbye to this since I almost never use it and whenever I reach for it, I end up looking for the pair I prefer!

There are only 3 bodycare items this time, which means there will be many for the next post!

The Molton Brown White Sandalwood Nourishing Body Lotion smells nice, sinks into the body quickly and is a unisex body lotion. I really enjoy using this and I am a little sad that this is the last of the lot that I have.

This innisfree aloe revital soothing gel is really pleasant and I use it on my back because I have really acne prone back. I like this and will probably purchase the full size which is 300ml!

I have finished up the Be Good To Confidence Soap and it has taken me forever but I realised that I can save the sleeves of soaps to show you what I have finished up and talk about them! I like how this smells but I think Be Good To, as a brand, is taking a break so their products are not obtainable at the moment, which is a real shame as I really love the soaps!

Finally, we have the biggest bunch of products under the skincare pile but even then, it's not even 10 items. Let's power through!

First up, The Body Shop Skin Defence Multi-Protection Essence is one of my favourite sunscreen on the market. It is lightweight, smells nice, does not sting the face, non-greasy, no white cast and just all in all a great sunscreen. It is quite expensive so a good alternative to this is the Biore UV Defence Watery Essence.

I finished up the Melvita Nectar Pur Purifying Roll On smells really strong and it actually stings if you apply it to an open wound/popped pimple. I find that it really shrinks and takes a pimple down in size and I have already repurchased! It is excellent for dealing with both small and large spots.

My previous experience with Elemis was not too great as I found the product too fragrant but this Elemis Hydra-Balance Day Cream was really lovely and light on the skin. My face felt hydrated without being overloaded and I actually was really sad when I finished this sample!

The Vichy Aqualia Thermal Eye Balm is nice and the term balm is accurate to describe the product. The texture of the eye balm feels slightly more substantial than an eye gel and is very emolient yet light on the eyes. It was nice but I did not think it really did much for my eyes so I will not repurchase.

This dermalogica special cleansing gel is something I have tried before and it is nice without being drying. I really enjoyed using this as a second cleanse in the evenings and I have nothing to complain about it at all!

The Sephora Ultimate Warming Cleanser is a bit of a miss for me. I am glad I got to try it out but the product was really substantial and thick, which made it really hard to squeeze out of the tube. When you finally squeeze it out, it is hard to spread around the face without majorly tugging. By this point I am pretty annoyed with the product so it is a hard pass for me.

The innisfree green tea cleansing foam smells so fresh and lovely. If I am use it everyday for a week it starts to dry out my skin. However if I use it here and there it actually is a nice basic cleanser.

Finally, the last item this round is this Nature Republic Snail Solution Mask Sheet that took me a long time to work up the courage to try. I actually ended up loving how my skin feels and it was really pampering and the nourished feeling actually lasted for a few days. However, the idea of snail solution is still giving me the creeps! If you are not icky, this is a good one to try out!

That is it for my empties and I hope this helps you decide on the items <3

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