Saturday, 29 April 2017

Sephora Birthday Present

Back in December 2016, I received a birthday present from Sephora and I want to share with out this cute palette!

Now inside the Happy Birthday carton packaging (which I think is really cute and fun!) is this sleek palette which has a decent size mirror (Thank you!)

I think that this is really adorable and at first glance, I love both blush colours!

There is no doubt that in my head, I like the pink and would wear that all the time but the peachy orange colour was something that looked really bright but I was not sure if I could pull it off.

The swatches of the colour revealed that interestingly, the shades are not made equally! The peach shade is smooth and pigmented without being overwhelming but the pink was rather disappointing - dry and chalky. The shade payoff for the pink was also only achieved when I repeatedly smooshed my finger into the little palette.

When I finally tried it on my cheeks (I am sorry I don't have photos) the pink was disappointing and did not really show up despite multiple attempts of dipping my brush back into the palette. The peachy shade is pretty and easier to wear than expected!

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