Thursday, 27 April 2017

Neutrogena blush in 20 Vibrant

After picking up the initial Neutrogena items, I saw that Target was doing sales on the makeup so I picked up another blush for my mum.

Instead of almost $8, it is about $6, a slight savings but I thought it was a sign for me to pick up another shade, so I picked up shade 20 Vibrant for my mum to try out.

Compared to 10 Rosy, this is clearly brighter and more colourful/vibrant.

Starting off with almost everything done, including contour but no blush!

Using the e.l.f. blush brush, I'm applying the Neutrogena blush in 10 Rosy here.

However, this blogpost is about the Neutrogena blush in 20 Vibrant and that's what I am applying on this cheek!

The colour is definitely more noticeable and brighter in nature. If you prefer something more muted, this is not for you. If you want something that brightens your face, this Neutrogena blush in 20 Vibrant is perfect!

The texture of the blush is fine and soft, which makes it easy to wear and apply! I really like it and if I could I would buy more shades as this has all been gifted to my mum (I only borrowed it for the blogposts!)

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