Thursday, 25 May 2017

Gogoprint Business Cards

Business card, such nifty little things yet where to begin and how?

I have been wanting to make business cards for my blog for a while now. It seems like a logical next step since I have had enquiries on this and I always have to say I do not have any cards, and just attempt to spell my blog out for people, not the easiest feat!

So when I finally decided to do it, I went for 500 cards! Each of this bundle you see contains 100 cards in the pack.

I did have help with the design on the lettering, which is by none other than my talented friend Psteudeo who worked tirelessly with me to incorporate what I wanted into the lettering/artwork/fancy smancy looking name!

I had in mind an ombre effect lettering and after several trial and errors and feedback, I was beyond delighted with this so it made itself prettily onto my business cards! Thank you once again Psteudeo!

The back I just designed by slapping on a few bits and incorporating the important information on where people can find me.

Now that you have seen the end product, I thought I would run you through how I even created these business cards in the first place!

The first thing you will see when you go to the Gogoprint website is a promotional code (accurate at time of writing) and I highly recommend you take advantage of it!

From the main page itself you can see the hot products, I personally went for business cards which is one of the 6 popular items!

Once you click on any of the products, you have 3 options. You can either upload your own design, get the lovely people at Gogoprint to help you design (for free!) or to browse through their templates and design and add images and so on from there!

I decided to upload my own design, which I somewhat regret on hindsight. I should have taken the opportunity to see what the team at Gogoprint could offer or at least play around with the templates!

Then you come to this page where you decide if you want to print on both sides (that is the default choice) and the paper type and finishing. I stuck to the 310g Art Card as opposed to the thinner version, but there are quite a few choices when it comes to finishing!

You can either choose to have a standard card, or you can pick rounded corners, and a glossy or matte lamination! A glossy lamination is cheaper than a matte lamination.

I personally chose the option of "Lamination Matte & Rounded Corners" just to help my cards stand out a little bit more.

 Thereafter, you are required to key in your postcode, (I tried a few and there is a difference in delivery time so make sure you key in the correct postcode!) From there you can see the quantity and prices in a really handy table form! I was not in a rush for mine so just picked normal production.

Once you have selected the quantity you require, you will be shown additional options.
Personally, I do not recommend going for the extra "JPEG, PNG" option as even though I chose that, I ended up using PDF format anyway. It is easy to convert to PDF and there are free websites that do it online. PDF also allows for a sharper finish in letterings so I recommend you use stay with the free option.

Then you have a choice of standard check and proof print. I just went for Standard Check and I have to admit that the team at Gogoprint were very helpful. I was contacted because my imagine was not wide enough and stretching it would cause distortion. They got in touch and were trying to help me resolve the issue - thank you!

Finally, you can have a quick look at the summary of all your choices before you proceed to checkout.

 At this point, you have to register, it is relatively simple, do not worry! I logged in as I have already created an account earlier. You then proceed to key in your delivery details as well as payment details. After payment, you can upload your artwork. This is if you choose to upload your own design as I did! There is a cut off period for you to upload your design for the delivery to be on time.

My personal delivery came late because I had 2 amendments and I missed the cut off time for the initial stipulated delivery time.

Since I was in no hurry and this was entirely brought on by myself, I was very happy with the services with Gogoprint!

I hope you found this post helpful, something a little different but entirely relevant to the blog. The next time you see me, perhaps I will pass you one of my cards ;)

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