Sunday, 14 May 2017

Becca Blushed with light palette

The Becca Blushed with Light Palette is  a blush trio palette and since Becca is well known for their highlighters in all forms, I thought that I want to try out powder blushes. Becca do excellent beach tints as well and my favourite shade is watermelon!

The Becca Blushed with Light Palette is beautiful and houses 3 universally flattering shades.

Wisteria : an exclusive shade to the palette

Songbird : Mineral Blush

Snapdragon : Luminous Blush

The speckle effect is only on the plastic insert, which is both a shame and something to be thankful because I actually think that it is pretty, but the palette looks cleaner without it!

All three shades are smooth and easy to swatch. Snapdragon is of course a very bright colour and being a luminous blush, it has a more shimmery, almost duochrome effect.

Swatched out, the colours are easy to wear and beautiful on the skin. I love mauves on my skin and brighter pinks are such a great way to brighten up the skin. The middle shade Songbird, I thought I might struggle with, but not only do I like it to mix with other blushes, I also like it when I am wearing a warmer colour palette on my skin.

I was a little wary picking this up because I thought I would not be able to use the middle shade but thankfully I have managed to incorporate it into my makeup looks. I really enjoy the formulation of the blushes and the palette is compact and convenient. I did buy this on sale as I was unsure but I absolutely recommend Becca blushes from this trial!

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