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Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer

Veet is a household name when it comes to hair removal. You name it, they have it.

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Wax strips come in Sensitive skin (as featured), Normal skin and Dry skin. If you don't like wax strips (cold wax), in certain countries they also sell hot wax in a pot, as well as a heated roller wax! Now don't worry, wax is not where Veet stops at, they also do depilatory creams which come in normal skin, dry skin and sensitive skin as well. In fact, in the UK they even have a natural inspiration range!

 So I typically pick up the Veet Wax Strips for Sensitive Skin because I like the scent and I feel like if there's a sensitive skin offering, perhaps it is gentler for my skin! All of the wax strips now come in the Easy Grip, which is essentially a bit of extra bit for you to hold on to at the top where it is rounded for better grip.

Inside you get the actual wax strips which are stuck together so that's actually 2 pieces there and you warm it up between your palms before you go in to wax your legs/arm/wherever.

The Veet Perfect Finish Wipes are great for removing any excess wax leftover from waxing. If you run out because there's only 4 in a box, I find that any oil will do the trick.

Now onto the more exciting Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer! This is a relatively new launch from Veet and I had seen Karima's youtube review on it and I had been waiting for it to launch every since. It was a bit harder for me to get a hold of it initially but I bought it in Guardian where it was cheaper than Watsons! I recommend always checking prices between the two as most shopping malls have them or you could just check online!

Now this is a little thing but I love that Veet has included one AA battery because it means that when you buy this and you get home, you can start using it immediately. You won't ever run unto the issue of getting home and realising "Oh crap! I need a battery!" Now to some people this is a non-issue but because I don't live at home, I don't have spare batteries lying around so this may be a small thought but it has made enough of a difference for me to talk about it.

The Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer actually has two sides of trimming head which I hope you can see and it is actually 6mm and 16mm, making it perfect for getting the eyebrow hairs.

There is also a styler cap to keep everything nice and clean, free from dust. The Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer also comes with a white pouch to hold everything and a brush to clean the device. I tend to detach the heads after usage and run the head and comb attachments under warm water and soap. I air dry it before keeping it altogether in the white pouch.

The face attachment also comes with a comb attachment that allows that hair to be either trimmed to 2mm or 4mm. I tend to use the 2mm side more than the 4mm side because I have long eyebrow hairs that just look better short and neat.

The body attachment is a trimming head that is 20mm and there is also a comb attachment if you prefer things to be neat and not stubble length.

This is particularly handy for bikini area if that is your preference. I cannot think of any other place where you would trim the hair but keep it at length (armpits?! I don't think so). The body attachment is alright but nothing that wows me or blows my mind. I prefer to wax my legs anyway so this head especially since it is only 20mm just takes way too long. I do find it decent for underarm hair.

The actual body attachment head without the comb is still really safe to use as it will trim any hair without touching the skin and there is no risk of cutting of the skin.

Now for some photos of the before and after of my brows just to show you how to use the Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer. Let's start with the before, where my brows look a little ruly.

I tend to favour the 6mm side for under my brows and 16mm for above my brows to neaten things up. I also use the 16mm trimming side for my moustache and it works a treat without any of the pain that comes with threading and waxing!

After I clean up the top and bottom of the brow (I tend to draw my brows in and then do the trimming so that I can see how I want my brows to be really clearly), I use the comb attachment on the 2mm side on the 16mm side to just comb through my brows to shorten and neaten them up. Now it may sound like a lot of steps but it is actually really quick. The easiest way to do the trimming is to go against the direction of hair growth.

Finally here is the after photos! You can see that  because the hairs are shaved, when they are zoomed in this much you can see the individual hairs. If I have time, I tend to go in and pluck the little stubble just to extend the time of my eyebrow trimming.

It is an electric trimmer so at no point does the product come into contact with your actual skin so there is no fear of cuts. HOWEVER, I will caution against just brandishing this about while it is switched on because somehow, I have managed to SHAVE MY EYELASHES with this Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer. Now there is no cuts or physical damage to my eyelid or general eye area, but I have a bald spot in my lashes. So please be careful! (You can see the gap in my eyelashes in the picture right above this text)

If you have made it this far, thank you for reading! Now, I was actually sent this product to review after I had already bought it. One girl does not need TWO shavers. So I am doing a giveaway! If you have been curious about the Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer, enter now!

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