Thursday, 20 April 2017

Organic Touch Malaysia

I recently contacted the brand Organic Touch Malaysia after following their instagram (@OrganicTouchMalaysia) for a while and they kindly agreed to send me a package to try out and trial the products!

Now something very interesting is that this brand is started by Biotech Engineers from Malaysia itself and they know what they are doing when it comes to the ingredients!

The Organic Touch Malaysia Cleopatra's Secret Rose Face Mist has water, rose water, glycerin, Epsom salt, Rose essential oil and Geranium essential oil. Now glycerin is a good ingredient to have in your face mist because it helps makeup set and look better. It is also quite a hydrating ingredient that binds with moisture. Epsom salt, is a curious addition so I actually reached out to ask about the inclusion and this is what Organic Touch Malaysia taught me:

"Epsom salt is a great mineral for the skin. It is a mineral, not a salt! Its scientific name is Magnesium Suphate and it is a type of mineral that can work wonders on the human skin.

It treats skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis; it is very gentle on our skin despite the coarse texture and does not irritate the skin yet leaves it soft and smooth for when you use it in scrubs or baths".

Now I don't think it would have any scrub benefits here but I was happy to know that Epsom salt is a mineral that is beneficial for my skin.

Now I love the ingredients of the rose water spray but if you don't like roses, this will not be for you! It smells like roses through and through! I am not the biggest fan of rose scents but this grew on me. I will admit that I decant it into smaller bottles for convenience as well as a finer spritz. The spritz nozzle on this is quite a powerful squirt and since I like to mist over makeup as well as under skincare, I definitely need a finer spritz or else I risk messing the whole look up!

Now the star of the brand is definitely the Organic Touch Malaysia Infinity Face Oil which is a beautiful blend  of Argan Oil, Rosehip Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Habbatus Sauda Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Lemon Essential Oil, Geranium Essential Oil and Rose Essential Oil, all housed in a glass bottle which comes with actual rose petals and rose buds!

Like the Organic Touch Malaysia Cleopatra's Secret Rose Face Mist, this has a strong scent. In fact I can pick up the scent of the Tea Tree Oil which makes this smell really different from other rose oils that I have tried. Initially I was quite overwhelmed by the scent but I do not mind it as much now. I don't think I will ever love the scent of tea tree oil, but I am definitely learning to tolerate it.

How cute is it that you actually have rose buds in the Organic Touch Malaysia Infinity Face Oil? I think that is so adorable and really makes this special.

The bottle holds the product well and there is no issue with the opening or closing of the product. I actually find that the consistency of the oil is slightly thicker than what I am used to or what I expect.

You definitely do not want to use too much as it can feel very intense as it is of a slightly thicker consistency. I will say that since using this, my acne under my jaw has been calmer and much more controlled. I love this for the incredible help it has brought my skin, and I am going to continue using this!

Now the final thing that was sent to me alongside the two skincare items is this Organic Touch Malaysia Purple Rose Tea.

How pretty are these Organic Touch Malaysia Purple Rose Tea and is it bad that I am thinking of using this as a blog prop? Anyway, I did actually try these out when I was feeling kind of ill and somewhat down and these smell so sweet and when you drink it you almost expect it to taste sweet because of how good it smells! I never thought I would say this but I really like this (but it is almost too pretty to drink!)

Look at how cute they are *swoons*. Now instead of me just rambling here are some benefits of the Organic Touch Malaysia Purple Rose Tea:
1. Cools the body
2. Relieves sore throat and runny nose
3. Protects the body from infections
4. Improves the elimination of wastes through kidneys.5. Cleanses the liver and gall bladder and promotes bile flow.6. Excellent remedy for irregular periods and infertility.7. Relieves insomnia, depression and fatigue.8. Enhances the natural beauty of a person.9. Regulates and balances the hormone of women.

My experience with Organic Touch Malaysia has been a very positive discovery and just a heads up guy, the Organic Touch Malaysia Cleopatra's Secret Rose Face Mist has a new packaging/label but the actual contents is the same amazing stuff. If you fancy trying something out, now is the chance with the code "CHERRIESOTM2017" and let me tell you, they have some body scrubs and face scrubs that I am going to order and try out and potentially replenish the infinity oil!

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