Sunday, 16 April 2017

e.l.f Blending Eye Brush

Now apart from the blush brush I picked up the e.l.f Blending Eye Brush because I thought why not? For that price, I was not expecting much and I think it is not a huge loss if I don't like it.

The brush does not actually feel luxurious or anything but it is easy to hold and more importantly, let's look at the actual brush head/bristles part.

While it is called a blending eye brush and that is why I bought it, I actually use this less for that purpose. I use it more to pat eyeshadow on and then gently buff out. I usually go in with a fluffier brush to blend out the edges.

The shape of the brush is also a little big for me to use as a blending brush but it does work. 

Another usage that really works is blending of concealer!

Do I like the brush? Yes! I actually find myself reaching for it a lot and it is soft, non-scratchy and washes well. It's a bit of a find. It does not blow me out of the water, but the fact that I find myself reaching for it almost whenever I do my eyeshadow says a lot!

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