Sunday, 9 April 2017

Dove haircare

Dove is well known for their beauty bars, more than just a soap. Then they started doing body lotions and even haircare.  I recently picked up 2 items because I needed a dry shampoo and I wanted to pick up a heat protector but ended up with a mousse.

The Dove Refresh + Care Volume & Fullness Dry Shampoo is the only one I saw when I was at target but there appears to be at least one other scent. This dry shampoo has a heavy scent which I don't particularly love but it works well as a dry shampoo and I personally like to use dry shampoos as a hairspray alternative. A cool trick that I picked up from Estee Lalonde.

Would I recommend it? Probably not. It is alright and decent but not my favourite at all. It is no where near my favourite. I love the Klorane dry shampoo and the Colab one. Those are my favourites.

The Dove Style + Care Curls Defining Mousse claims to nourish for well-defined, touchably soft curls. Now first of all, use a tiny amount of this or risk CRUNCHY hair. When applied to the hair, my hair feels slick and to be honest, kind of gross. When I blow dry it out, my hair has definite volume and is beautifully bouncy.

The actual product comes dispensed out like whipped cream. It is fluffy and promising, but as I mentioned, when applied to the hair, the initial feeling is not great. When I blow it out, it does deliver on what it promises which is soft, voluminous hair.

Dove haircare has not impressed me very much this round.

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