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Althea Green & Gold Box

Althea is a company that ships your beauty goodies directly from Korea so even though it takes a little longer, there is no GST and it usually works out much cheaper than picking up items in store and cheaper than!

Two weeks ago, I was sent this Althea Green & Gold Box after entering to try and get it as part of a blogger programme so that I can review it for you! Now this Althea Green & Gold Box has 6 full size items for you to try out.

Starting with the gold items, we have this Skinfood Freshmade Pineapple Mask. Now I personally love the Skinfood Black Sugar Mask and would repurchase that without a doubt when I run out. So the inclusion of a Skinfood mask was exciting for me as I like the brand ethos.

There is a seal around the mask when you first unscrew the lid to keep the product fresh. Everyone comments on the scent of this product and it is no wonder because it's the first thing to hit you and it smells like fresh, delicious pineapple juice! It actually smells really fresh and juicy!

The product itself is lightweight and creamy. As an exfoliating mask, it is quite mild and gentle. I have tried it on several occasions, using it in the morning before I apply my makeup and I have noticed that when I remove the mask, my skin is left feeling very soft and my serum and moisturiser is more readily absorbed into the skin.

The mask itself does state that it is a leave on type and I have tried it that way. I definitely woke up with brighter skin. Whilst my skin did not feel dry, serum sank in immediately and I just prefer wearing more hydrating sleeping packs compared to exfoliating or brightening.

There is no redness whatsoever when I remove the mask and it smells fresh and juicy so it is a nice start to a new day. I tend to use this in the mornings to give myself more of a zing! If I were to use an exfoliating mask in the evening, it would be something stronger to allow better penetration of products. However, if you have sensitive skin, this might be a lovely introduction to these products. I am unable to find this product as a standalone in Malaysia's online stores but a quick look on google and this retails for USD9.99 on Amazon which is about RM44.26!

A'Pieu Silk Blanket Mask Gold is golden in colour when you remove it from the pack. It usually retails for RM10 but if you would like to try this and nothing else, it is RM7 from the Althea site at the moment.

The inclusion of Royal Jelly extract makes this quite a nourishing mask and I was a little hesitant in putting it on my face as I have normal-combination skin. However I am pleased to report that whilst I looked completely crazy with a shiny-golden mask, my face was left baby soft and truly pampered. I did personally find the other mask, the Chemi BanBan Mask, to be more nourishing if you are looking to try either of the two. I probably would not repurchase this as even though it was fun, I felt that it was a novelty and a little gimmicky.

The Petitfee Gold EGF Eye & Spot Patch  arrived a bit damaged. The box was had serum seeping through and while the package was still intact, it put me off the product because.. well it did not exactly behave on transit!

Let's look at the actual product, the product comes housed in a plastic containerand you can see that there are eye patches and spot patches.

I was not quite sure about the spatula initially until I tried to get the patches out and promptly realised how slippery and impossible it is to grab anything out of the pot. That is when I looked at the spatula and had an AHA! moment.

So here's an up close photo of the patches and it is actually really pretty and golden.

The patches are relatively thin and feels soft and flexible. It is not paper material but is more of a jelly rubber texture.

The golden shimmers really show when you wear it and it feels instantly cooling. Once you have left it on until it dries (the box recommends 30 minutes but I do about 15 minutes), the area where the patch has been feels really hydrated and has a slight firming/lifting! I was surprised about the firming feeling as I have never really felt that with a mask before! The Petitfee Gold & EGF Eye Spot Patch is usually RM70 but retails at RM27 now.

Now for a transitional product which is both Green & Gold! The Chemi BanBan Mask is a two piece mask that caters to the T zone and the U zone. The T zone is green in colour and is actually quite interesting. When worn, you put it on and peel off the green plastic leaving the thing white mask sheet. It eventually dries down and I peel it off almost like a nose pack as the thinness means that it adheres well to the skin. It is quite satisfying to remove!

The U zone mask is more for moisturisation. While I like that for my cheeks, I have a problematic jawline so I was a little wary. The mask here is supposed to be of a beehive structure to retain moisture better and it does feel very emolient. The mask has no plastic sheet and is completely yellow in colour. Both the serum and the mask is yellow in colour and it has a faint scent when I first put it on but that quick dissipates (I probably got used to the smell as it really is quite faint).

The Chemi BanBan Mask is usually RM22 for a single sheet but it currently retails on Althea for Rm7.  I think this is quite a funky one to try out!

The Aritaum Real Pure Cleansing Foam in Refresh is one of the 2 available in the range of Cleansing Foams offered by Aritaum. The blue one is Hydro which is presumably targeted for drier skin types.

Housed in classic cleansing tube packaging, there was a foil to protect the freshness and integrity of the product. The actual cream squeezes out relatively easily and it smells fresh with a hint of muskiness.

The product lathers up to quite a lot of foam but it is non stripping and non drying on the skin! I was half expecting it to be quite drying because of the word refresh but I find it to be very thorough as a second cleanse after removing makeup when I use it in the evenings and as a morning cleanse it is refreshing on the skin without needing to scrub or tug when I remove it with water.

Unfortunately I am once again unable to find this product on the Althea site so I have provided a link to Amazon because it is also available on for RM185.76 whereas you can find it on Amazon for USD8.17 which is roughly RM36.16.

VDL Colour Correcting Primer in Mint is something I was really looking forward to because I have a lot of redness from my hormonal acne and I thought a green primer would be perfect to counteract all this!

This actually comes in a few shades but the one included in the box is Mint, to go with the whole Green & Gold theme.

The packaging of this is so gorgeous and very instagrammable. The glass bottle is frosted and houses the primer. There is a pump and one pump gives plenty of product. The primer also has SPF32 PA+++ which I am really impressed with in all honesty.

The green in this primer is quite prominent and I personally find one pump dispenses way too much product because I don't want this all over my face, just on spots that have redness to counteract it.

If you just put it on normal skin and try to blend it out, it leaves the skin looking ashy and a little ill looking as above.

Here I attempt to show you again and half a pump gives you enough product to do four swatches as above so just use half a pump for your face and it should be more than enough!

I have blended out two out of the four swatches to show you that while it is subtle when blended out, if there is no redness to conceal or if you wear it all over your face, you will look a little sick. I actually find the fluidity of the primer hard to work with because I only need it on concentrated areas but if I change my mind I will be sure to update you. For now this is a miss for me.

Sadly, this was not found on Althea but the VDL Lumilayer Primer costs RM80. On Amazon, the VDL Colour Correcting Primer in Mint costs USD24.50 which is about RM108.42!

Another Aritaum product (the only repeat brand) in the box is this Aritaum Pore Master Sebum Control Powder. Now I don't actually love the packaging of this perhaps because green is not my favourite colour. It is reminiscent of the Innisfree No Sebum Powder, which is also usually green in colour but innisfree often comes out with cute seasonal packaging!

However, let us focus on this powder at hand. There is a seal that keeps the product together and you are able to see that it is unused.

The puff that is included has the branding on it and is soft and easy to use for under the eyes and around the nose.

Like all other powders, there is a seal and you have to remove this before diving in!

The powder itself is quite fine and it has a scent to it. I actually find this scent rather pleasant and a lot more pleasing than the innisfree no sebum powder!

If you use too much of this powder it does leave a slight white cast. I like to apply it around my entire face using the puff and then dusting off the excess with a big fluffy brush. I find this really locks in my makeup for the day and the makeup looks intact and rather fresh even after a whole day of work!

The price for this is usually RM62 but you can get it on Althea for RM34. Powders tend to last a long time so you can rest assure this will last you months!

The Althe Green & Gold Box currently retails for RM123 (discounted price correct at time of posting) and the total value of the 6 full size items using discounted prices shown on the site is about RM235! So you are definitely saving a lot buying this box and getting to try all sorts of different things!

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