Saturday, 11 March 2017

Face of the day and some quick reviews

Today's makeup products are all worn in the attempt to show you how they look on and to give you a short and quick-fire review of the products.

Starting off with a blank canvas, we dive right in to a close up to show you how my skin looks, then we can look at how the products look on the skin.

Here is the close up, no makeup whatsoever.  We can see some pimple scarring and discolouration on the skin.

Here is a swatch of the Melvita Nectar de Roses BB Creme. There is only one shade and the swatch here looks rather dark but not quite warm enough.

Here is the product blended out and I still feel that it is not warm enough for my face. The product feels watery and liquidy but has coverage.

Here I have applied the Melvita Nectar de Roses BB Creme all over my skin. The coverage is light to medium, more than what you can get from Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue and less dewy. It is not matte by any means, but it is certainly satin.

This does not feel oily and I felt no need to powder it apart from under the eyes (eyeliner and mascara will always smudge and transfer if I do not powder). I will say that the colour is a little weird on me and this is even more obvious in the next picture.

The product just looks like I am wearing something because there is a grey cast to it. I was told that the ingredients are entirely organic and that is perhaps why there is actually no colour selection to this at all and the one shade looks grey on me.

Here is a look of my bare brows because I want to showcase the Media by Kanebo eyebrow pencil. I picked up the eyebrow pencil in Japan to try out.

Here I have filled out my eyebrows and the colour is actually quite pleasant. Not too dark but grey enough.  I like this. It was relatively cheap, the colour is nice, the nib is small enough, but there is no spoolie on the end. I don't mind that. 

So here is a look at the face with two products on and I think without the rest of the makeup done, I look slightly crazy. Just ever so slightly crazy.

Once the blush and mascara goes on, a little flick of eyeliner, I feel like me.

If anyone is wondering, the rest of the makeup consists of:

Bare Minerals marvellous moxie lipstick in raise the bar
Stila cosmetics aqua glow watercolour blush in water blossom
Shu Uemura calligraphy ink
innisfree skinny microcara waterproof

I hope you liked the mini reviews and quick look at my makeup of the day! Let me know if you want more posts like this one!

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