Tuesday, 28 March 2017

All About Lips #149

There is no way I can place a Colourpop haul without getting some lip products and I picked up this Colourpop Foxy Mini Ultra Matte Lip Collection.

There are 5 colours in this Colourpop Foxy Mini Ultra Matte Lip Collection include Beeper, Clueless, Tulle, More Better, Creeper.

So here we have Clueless, Tulle, More Better, Creeper and Beeper at the bottom.

I don't think the names really tell you what the shades are but I like that they have names rather than just numbers.

Here are the swatches on my arm and you can see that out of Beeper, Clueless, Tulle, More Better, Creeper, More Better is a bit streaky which is a shame as that was my standout favourite colour at first look!

The shade Beeper is quite brown but I actually liked how it looks on my lips. It's quite a different look but I think it sort of exudes sophistication.

One thing to note with Colourpop is that the product in the tube almost never looks like the product on the lips. I feel that it always oxidises upon application so bear that in mind.

Case in point about the product applying darker than it looks in the tube. I like that this is darker because the colour in the tube looks like something that I doubt I can pull off!

Would you ever wear a shade like that? This is out of my comfort zone but I am loving the look.

Next is the shade Clueless which is a very sweet pink shade. I thought I would love this but I actually feel that it would be easier to mix it with another shade or I would have to be sporting a very specific look.

This shade, like all other Colourpop products, applies darker and oxidised than the colour of the tube.

Here is a closer look to see the difference in colour so be prepared and be warned.

I do find the Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip really dry on the lips. They zap all moisture out and because this is the second shade I applied, my lips were already feeling it and the lines are more prominent!

So there we have it, the shade Clueless!

Next up is the shade Tulle. This is up in the favourite colours as it is so pigmented and bold!

I feel like it also tied this look really well together and just finished up the bold look. Don't listen to "only lips or eyes", you can totally make it work together!

This colour Tulle, applies SO MUCH darker than the tube it is almost crazy. It does not look like the same colour at all.

Here is a look at how different the colour in the tube and colour on the lips are! This was a shocker I have to admit.

Now there is no going around how dry and how patch the product looks on me. This is not the patchiest in the pack, but having really nourished lips would help because by this point my lips were so dry and the application and removal of these Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip felt like my lips were going to fall off.

Next up is my favourite shade and colour and from this distance, I think it looks stunning! This is my comfort bold colour and completely up my alley! More Better!

If you really want a transfer proof lip product, this is one of the most staying ones that I have tried. You do have to sacrifice comfort BUT you have the convenience of not having to check your lips.

Now surprisingly this product applies almost the same colour/slightly lighter than how it looks in the tube. Perhaps that is why it actually somewhat looks patchy up close because the pigmentation level is not quite the same.

Here you can see that the lip product is darker in the tube than applied, a complete contrast to all the other shades in the set!

Unfortunately whilst it is my favourite shade and all that jazz, it certainly looks patchy as hell on my lips and I really tried to even it out.

I probably will still wear it though, knowing me. How can I stay away from a shade like this!

Finally we have the shade Creeper, which many people will love. It is a warm red which errs on the side of fluorescent!

This one applies brighter than the tube but not so much that it gave me a shock, more like it has a slight fluorescence that is not picked up in the tube.

Hopefully you can see what I mean here in the close up. The tube colour looks a little dull compared to the colour on the lips.

I personally think this is a very beautiful cherry red which is slightly warmer but I tend to be a little more hesitant wearing these colours personally.

So those are all the swatches for the Colourpop Foxy Mini Ultra Matte Lip Collection. It was so drying on the lips to keep swatching and removing. The best way to remove these is to use a cleansing oil or a bi-phase waterproof makeup remover because a wet wipe will drag and hurt your lips so much. Make sure you are using a lip balm before and after because these babies will suck the living soul out of your lips.

I have heard that the Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip is the standout and that the Lippie Stix are also great products so that is probably what I will purchase next time instead of these Ultra Matte Lip which are just too drying for me.

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