Tuesday, 21 March 2017

All About Lips #148

When MakeUp Geek launched lip products, I knew that as the lipstick junkie that I am, I had to try them out (alongside some other products).

First up, the boxes that they come in are actually really nice. I can't say I am a big fan of the eyeshadow pans but those are cheap and good quality. These are actually somewhat pricey but I really wanted to give them a go.

I set myself quite a strict budget and I did not see any shades I particularly wanted to try from the MakeUpGeek Plush Creme Lipstick so I just picked up this MakeUpGeek Plush Matte Lipstick in Beauty Queen.

I also picked up the only shade I think I am able to wear from the Iconic Lipsticks range which is the MakeUpGeek Iconic Lipstick in Shy.

Starting off with the Nude, the Iconic Lipstick packaging is really lovely. I like the gunmetal bullet and how it is slimmer. I find it very sleek and pretty when I tote it around in my handbag.

There is an indication on the cap as to the colour of the lipstick which is helpful but frankly I find the colour to not be a true representation of the lipstick colour!

I meean can we see how different it looks? However, someone pointed out that the cap reference colour is more like the shade of the lipstick when worn, rather than the actual lipstick bullet (because there is always a difference when you put it on and wear it) and I find that to be quite accurate. It is not too different from how it looks on my lips!

The actual lipstick bullet is completely round and flat with no sharp point to assist with the cupid's bow drawing. If you are wearing a bolder or darker colour you may need a lip pencil. However, with a shade like this I was able to just wing it.

There is just something so beautiful about the contrast of the gunmetal colour with the actual lipstick. I am really digging this packaging!

Here is the colour swiped and swatched on the back of my hand. It looks quite matte here but it really is not. It is more of a cream finish. 

Starting off with no lipstick so that you can better gauge the colour of the lipstick in later pictures.

It is a slightly cool-tone mauvy pink on my lips. An easy shade to throw on without much thought.

The shade is almost my lip colour but slightly lighter and definitely more mauve than my naturally pink lips.

It is also a creamy finish with no dryness and does not emphasise any yellowness in my teeth.

A shade like this I feel is easy to wear and so the real selling point for me is the packaging as I feel that I can probably get this shade in other lipstick offerings as well. 

Now for the MakeUpGeek Plush Matte Lipstick in Beauty Queen, I will admit that I picked this shade partly due to its name. 

It is quite a neutral red, leaning towards a cooler undertone. The formula is mousse-y and the applicator is a flat paddle like applicator. I think having a more pointed tip would have made it easier to get the cupid's bow but I find that as long as I am a little bit more careful, I am still able to just wear this without any lip liner. Lazy girls unite.

Here is the MakeUpGeek Plush Matte Lipstick in Beauty Queen and I really love the shade.

I personally don't find it to be drying on my lips and in fact, it does not dry down completely to a flat matte. It stays a little creamy and is not transfer proof. It is mostly matte with the slightly hint of creaminess. Almost like what I would expect of the Plush Creme formulas so I wonder how those are really like!

The slight creaminess can definitely be seen in the up close pictures and the mousse-y formula does not settle into the lines of the lips.

It packs a punch in colour without being difficult to wear at all!

Now I really like this MakeUpGeek Plush Matte Lipstick in Beauty Queen but the lipstick itself is tiny. I do not know if I can justify repurchasing when I run out, which I probably will soon, as I am wearing this almost every time I want to wear a red lip!

I find it to be comfortable, flattering and everything I want a lip colour to be, but it is difficult to get hold of MakeUpGeek in Malaysia, alongside the fact that it is not exactly affordable and I probably can hunt for something else that is both accessible and affordable.

If you are in the market for lip products, these are not the top of my recommendation list (as much as I love this shade). However, if you are a fan of MakeUpGeek or just want to try something from them, the duochrome eyeshadow (pictures are all wearing MakeUpGeek Duochrome eyeshadow in Havoc) as well as the KathleenLightsxMakeUpGeek Highlighter Palette, I cannot say enough about! I totally would repurchase but it would take me a decade to hit pan and finish those products!

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