Tuesday, 7 March 2017

All About Lips #146

The Maybelline Bold Lipstick in 790 Midnight Merlot is one of the darkest lipsticks I own. It is perhaps comparable to the H&M Lipstick I have which is so dark that it is almost black but this is a contender.

Unlike the matte lipsticks, the bold range has a bright blue cap which is appropriate for a bold range. It is also not frosted over but just clear plastic which indicates that the finish is perhaps glossier.

There are several shades in the bold range and the one I picked is the darkest. I think Midnight Merlot sounds like a deep burgundy and the name is appropriate in this case!

Here's the first look of the lipstick and see what I mean about really dark?

Honestly it almost looks like it is veering to black already.

Here is a swatch of the Maybelline Bold Lipstick in 790 Midnight Merlot.

Here it is on me and you can see that it is a really dark colour.

This kind of colour can really wash you out if you don't up the blusher or eyeshadow.

The colour itself is actually a little harder to work with compared to a lot of Maybelline lipstick I have tried. I find that the colour skips a little and so you really have to work it in and make sure that it is an even coat.

I don't think this colour is for everyone but I like having different choices for different looks. Not the best Maybelline lipstick I have ever tried but for the price, I like Maybelline lipsticks and while this one did not wow me I think that it is alright.

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