Thursday, 23 February 2017


A relatively small haul for me but I picked up some necessities this time from Watsons.

I already use the Pure Beauty Shampoo and Treatment Mask so I thought I would try out the Pure Beauty Treatment Conditioner as well.

The Pure Beauty Pomegranate Antioxidant Cleansing Facial Wipes is a repurchase and I actually really like how thick the cloths are, very soft and supple to use. I don't recommend taking makeup off with this method all the time but for the gym or a quick makeup change, these are easy, convenient and comfortable to use.

The Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel has been in the market for quite a while and I finally decided to pick it up to try out.

Water gel is an appropriate way to describe this because it feels like a watery gel which is very hydrating. However the product is high on alcohol which concerns me as I prefer my skincare to be free of alcohol especially if it is a moisturiser.

However, it does feel nice on the skin and I will not deny that. I am unlikely to repurchase this because it is housed in a jar and I have decided that I prefer my products to be in a pump form and this is not cheap enough for me to justify the packaging. Sort it out Neutrogena, thank you.

The other moisturiser I picked up is the Hada Labo Dewy Fresh Hydrating Light Cream. Hada Labo actually released two moisturisers at the same time, one is the Fresh Hydrating Light Cream in the pink packaging (pictured) and the other is a lighter formulation in a green packaging (not pictured).

This one is a cream rather than a gel. I picked this because the other moisturiser (green packaging) has quite a high alcohol content which is what gives it that light, fresh feeling. I thought I would rather have something that is more moisturising so that I can use it at night.

The product is definitely heavier in texture and less watery but it feels really comfortable on the skin and is a nice night time product on normal-combination skin.

I like to try new products and I am quite fickle with my skincare, and even more so with my lipsticks but a good product is hard to come by. I like to keep on top of it.

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