Tuesday, 21 February 2017

All About Lips #144

These Bite Beauty lipsticks are so beautiful, so instagrammable, can we just take a minute to admire the beauty that are these lipsticks?!

So this kit sold out pretty fast in stores and online so I am really delighted I managed to pick it up. Not only do I have a real soft spot for miniature lipsticks, these feel good, smell good, and is actually good for your lips (note good ingredients!)

In fact my first foray into Bite Beauty was so successful that I want to get more lip products from this line. STOCK UP!

This is the shade "Fig" and I actually find it my least favourite shade. It is just a little too pink for my liking but it is easily mixed with others to wear.

The lipstick feels very comfortable to wear and is not one that is super pigmented.  You can build it up for intensity but here it is just at regular one swatch wear.

This is the shade "Pepper" and it is my favourite shade of the range! I think that it is a very wearable everyday shade.

I have already worn this shade out a few times for events and daily going out because it is really comfortable and easy to wear.

Here is a close up of the colour. My favourite of the bunch!

This is "Honeycomb" and boy is this nude! I've never really found a nude that I like and I typically find that light colours wash me out and make me look like death because my lips are naturally quite pigmented.

However, I never taught to try a warmer nude and I think it actually works really well! I can see why people like nude lips as it actually makes my pout look fuller and the vibe it gives is very different to what I am used to personally!

Surprisingly I really like this and while I will not be wearing it everyday, I think that with an even stronger eye look that what I am sporting here, I will be pulling this "Honeycomb" shade out to pull the whole look together!

Again, here is a close up of the colour.

Finally we have "Nori", the darkest shade of the bunch.

I typically do not wear dark colours if it is not a matte finish because satin finishes mean that the lipstick is more than likely to move around.

However the lipstick is so comfortable to wear! The perks of satin finishes. It was harder to wear this colour as you have to be really precise with the application.

However I do think that it is worth the effort and I like the look it gives. I do find that with a darker lip, you need to wear more blush (which I have not done here) but it is washing me out slightly.

Here is a close up of the colour and it is one of my warmer dark colours, almost browney-red rather than purply red which I tend to favour.

This Bite Beauty Discovery Set has me exploring colours which I did not even realise I do not have but I love the formulation of the lipsticks and I think that it is a really awesome brand when it comes to the ingredients. Sure it is not the cheapest, but try a Bite Beauty lipstick and I assure you that you will be hoooked.

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