Thursday, 9 February 2017

Ettina Soft Perfume Cleansing Ball

The idea behind purchasing the Ettina Soft Perfume Cleansing Ball is that it is not a liquid and I can travel with it relatively easily. 

It claims to be able to be used as a shampoo, a handsoap, a body shower gel, laundry powder and so much more.

The box actually came with the exact contents as shown here. A little extra container and the big one that is full of the actual cleansing balls. So the idea is to fill up the small container when I am travelling since I am unlikely to use more than just 3-4.

The different colours are meant to have different properties. The black is for oily skin, the pink for normal skin, the blue for dry skin and the green for combination skin. I have tried it all and they feel equally drying and it does not actually crush evenly.

I end up with a mess of big and small pieces of power and bits. The bigger bits are really hard to dissolve in water and it ends up just being wasted, washed down the sink. I found that it lathers up really well as a hand wash but it is quite drying. When I tried it out on my fringe, this dried my hair and scalp out so much that I vowed never to do it again.

I probably will save this for emergency hand wash and bits of laundry that I need hand washing. I would not recommend this for your face at all, it will dry it out and no, just NO.

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