Saturday, 21 January 2017

Argan Glow Hair Oil

Touted as a must have on the Althea website, I fell for it hook. line and sinker.

The bottle comes in a beautiful navy box, complete with a separate pump. I've since affixed the pump onto the bottle and tried the product. It is very silicone-heavy but my hair really loves this stuff.

Most of all, this smells really beautiful I know that should not be a selling point but when it comes to haircare, I find that scent plays an important part because I would rather use something that smells good than not!

This looks like liquid gold when pumped out and I would caution against using too much because it would really weigh down the hair if you overload it with anything.

If you don't mind silicones, try this out because it really smoothes hair down and gives it that sheen. I tend to just use it on the ends of my hair because my scalp is so sensitive I really do not want to irritate it!

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