Sunday, 18 December 2016

Medium Rare Store

A bit more of a lifestyle almost veering into fashion post, this certainly is not about makeup but I thought you might like to see these Medium Rare Store Glasses!

This bunch of wild flower by Zahuohang came along with my order and it was quite lovely.

I think it is quite thoughtful and a lovely surprise for the buyer.

One of my purchases was actually this case/holder.

It is just black and has the logo inscribed on the actual case and all the Medium Rare glasses fit nicely inside the case.

A little microfibre cloth comes along with which you can use to cover or clean or protect your glasses. I use it for everything.

As you can see here, glasses fit really comfortably in here without any problems.

So the glasses that you purchase actually come in their own little holder. It is not as fancy as the one I have just shown you, but it protects the glasses as well from scratches and all the glasses come in these.

First up, Mr. Emmett in silver.

Here I am wearing/modelling (hahaha) the glasses.

I think that these are nice, but because I prefer the Rose Gold version, I returned these.

I think that the silver looks more common and sort of cheaper, whereas the Rose Gold feels a lot more special.

Here are the two in comparison and Mr. Emmett has really stolen my heart!

These Mr. Emmett sunglasses are actually foldable and they are tiny after folding but I don't tend to fold them up as I like them the way they are!

The Rose Gold ones just suit my skin better and I like them so much that I asked my mother and she loved them too so I ordered an extra pair!

Here are the glasses again in indoor lighting.

I wear these every opportunity I get because I feel like I have some super cool sunglasses!

So apart from sunglasses, Medium Rare Store offers regular eye glasses, so I picked some up to try out!

I actually really like the colour and style of these and they are really different so I thought I would just get it and see how it goes.

The nose bridge is really different and unique and I was hoping it would suit me.

Unfortunately I don't think that it is not the best looking on me and thankfully, Medium Rare Store offers returns and they reimburse you up to RM7 for that in store credit!

So this pair Ms. Hazel went back and I picked up another pair instead. 

Everyone, please meet Mr. Brooks!

There are colour options, black and tortoiseshell and I thought it was a no brainer since I already have a black pair!

These give me serious Harry Potter vibes and I really love it.

So I have kept these and I am thrilled with the communication, services and just everything Medium Rare Store has offered. If you are local, they deliver for free after a certain amount. Worldwide shipping is also available.

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