Thursday, 29 December 2016

Japanese Beauty Haul

You don't go to Japan and come home empty handed, that is for sure. From an array of adorable things to beauty items which pack a punch, I had quite a haul.

I decided to pick up some Shiseido Lash Adhesive because mine are all from the boxes of eyelashes and having this just means I have a spare if those run out.

It works well but can be a bit difficult to control when squeezing out. I've accidentally gone overboard before, wasting quite a bit of product.

I went knowing I wanted to pick up eyelash curlers but what I did not anticipate was picking 4 pairs of eyelash curlers up!

These are all from Shiseido and I actually gave one to my mum because she said she needed one.

This dark one is also sold in Malaysia and it is almost half the price in Japan. This is flatter than Shu Uemura and one of my favourites.

This is another Shiseido eyelash curler but I picked this one up from the drugstore. It is amazing that Shiseido is also available in the drugstore.

I also picked up this Shiseido half eyelash curler. This really gets the two ends of the lashes and it really curls quite well. I use this when I have a really difficult time curling my lashes but I use it less than the normal eyelash curlers. This was more just to try it out.

It does open up wider than usual and is easy to use but I am quite lazy to add an extra step and if I only rely on this eyelash curler I have to use it a few times to get all my lashes. Effort!

Here we have a Media by Kanebo eyebrow pencil in DB which I assume stand for Dark Brown. It is an automatic pencil which is not too soft so it is quite a gentle colour on the brows.

Here is a swatch of the eyebrow pencil on the back of my arm. More product is achieved when you run it through the brows because the brow hair oils help warm the product up so that more of it can be dispensed when you use it the way it is meant to be used.

I then picked up the Heroine Make Long and Curl Super Waterproof Mascara, Heroine Make Volume and Curl Super Waterproof Mascara and the Heroine Make Heavy Rotation Liquid Eyeliner.

I already know that I love the Heroine Make Long and Curl Super Waterproof Mascara but I thought I would try out the volume version.

The main difference should be the wand. I believe that the formula is the same and so far from trying it twice, I prefer the Long and Curl version. Perhaps that is just more suited to my short lashes.The top is the Long and the bottom is the Volume wand.

I also picked up this face blotting paper because ... well let's be honest since you won't judge me, I hope.

I bought this because the packaging looks so adorable and it did not cost too much.

The paper inside is pink and a really lovely shade as well! I am really pleased with that because I could not see it from the packaging.

The blotting sheet themselves, apart from being a lovely pink shade is quite thick and pleasant to use in that instance. I like the thin ones if there is something to hold onto them such as a sticky sponge but this looks sturdy.

There are an array of things in the Japanese store and many of them I do not understand and cannot tell what they are at all. However, I saw this and it states Aller Screen and I could figure out that it is meant to form a protective barrier to stop allergies.

The brand was also Shiseido so I felt like I was in safe hands and can be experimental. I tried it out and while I cannot vouch that it really screened out the pollen because it was not a particularly allergy day. I also don't have really bad allergies so really this was more because I was curious than anything else.

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