Monday, 26 December 2016

It Cosmetics CC Cream

The It Cosmetics CC Cream is a skincare first, makeup second. The founder is quite passionate about that, which is what drew me to the brand when it launched in Malaysia!

As usual, we start off with a completely bare face to give you a good idea of how my skin looks and to be able to truly show the coverage and colour of the It Cosmetics CC Cream.

Let's dive right in with the foundation! It Cosmetics pride themselves on being skincare that have pigment, so instead of being makeup with skincare properties, they are more of skincare with makeup properties. I have a deluxe size of the shade Light here, which is the 2nd shade out of the 5 available.

I think that 5 shades is rather poor, especially for a higher end brand. Even L'oreal and Maybelline have more shades available. I am actually in between shades, Light being too light on me and Medium too dark on me.

If you were not convinced from the random dots of foundation all over my face, this is proof of the pudding. The It Cosmetics CC Cream in Light is just a shade too light on me. If it were a warmer shade I probably could make it warm, but a combination of being too light and too neutral leaves it looking slightly grey on me.

Having said that, the formula feels really comfortable on the skin. It is between dewy and satin and I think that normal-dry skin would benefit more than the oilier girls and guys out there. When I have worn this in the States for winter weather, it has been really comfortable and lasted the whole day in the cold, dry weather.

Here I am not wearing any concealer, just the foundation to show you the coverage. The coverage is medium, you can't really build this formula up as it is quite slippy. Without concealer, my dark circles are still peeking through but it is not too bad whatsoever.

If you find a shade that suits you, I think this is an excellent product that I would definitely repurchase (hello SPF50).  I don't think I will repurchase this only because I really need to wear bronzer and blush to make this look natural. It also looks like I am wearing makeup if I don't wear something high neck.

What are your experiences with the It Cosmetics CC Cream? I know many people who love it to death and I can see why. It is just unfortunate that for me the shade range does not work!

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