Thursday, 22 December 2016

Hermo #2

A rather sizeable haul from Hermo so let's dive right in for some quick reviews and swatches on th eback ofmy hand and arm!

Pascucci Cucumber Soothing Gel was a somewhat random purchase especially because I thought it was an aloe vera gel for some reason but clearly it was cucumber, it clearly states that on the packaging and the actual bottle looks like a cucumber, not an aloe vera leaf.

The product did arrive opened despite the seal being somewhat still there (it was a cellotape still barely holding the cap together) and there was a leak of the cucumber gel. I did write in to Hermo but they replied apologising and thanking me for bringing it to their attention. I think that customer service in Malaysia still has a lot to learn from UK and USA.

The gel feels really lightweight and not sticky. It is ideal for hot and humid weather as it sinks right in. The product is for hair, face and body but I only use it for my body and once in a while I slap it on my face as well and I have not had any reactions whatsoever. I like this.

The Banila Co. Prime Primer - Blur is housed in a really pretty packaging but feels quite light as it is plastic. I think it is really quite cute.

Here I have dispensed 2 pumps of the primer on the back of my hand.

This picture is to show you when I blended one of it out, you can see that there is a slight iridescent pinky sheen, which serves to make your skin glow and blur out the pores.

Next is this Skin Food Black Sesame Hot Mask. I picked this up because I really liked the Skin Food Black Sugar Mask and the Sanctuary Spa Thermal Detox Mask and figured this should be a combination of the two! 

Like all Skin Food masks, there is a plastic inside to keep the product fresh.

The actual mask looks really scary. It does heat up upon contact with the skin and the granular bits do help with slight exfoliation but I don't like this mask as much as I do the other two that I have mentioned so I will finish this up but I will not repurchase for sure.

Etude House Big Cover Tip Concealer comes in 2 shades and I picked up Sand, which is the darker shade available. 

The first thing to note is that it is still really fair and pale. The "darker" shade is warmer and I think that is the main difference between the two shades available.

When blended out, you can no longer really detect it on my arm, which goes to show how fair this is. I will be showing you how it looks on the face too.

This Maybelline Big Eyes Shadow in Smokey Brown looks really wearable and the main reason I picked it up was because it was going for RM9.90 as it was a killer deal (literally) and I knew I was having a giveaway.

No swatches for this as it is a giveaway present (which has been hosted and winner was picked) but the colours do look easy to use and browns are usually a winner in everyone's books.

The Etude House Drawing Eye Brow in Gray Brown is one of my favourites at the moment. I have been using it non stop and while in Japan, I brought it along and did not feel like I needed anything else!

There is a spoolie on one end, which is quite big but smaller than the innisfree offering, but generally works quite well for brushing eyebrows out.

There is not a massive amount of product in the automatic form but I have found that it goes quite a long way regardless. I picked this up for RM13.50 and I know that Hermo provides really good prices!

The tip is not the microfine type. Instead it is the triangular type which is best suited to people who do not have time (or are too lazy) to faff around with eyebrows for ages.

Here are the swatches on the back of my hand and I think that it is almost a 90% match to my eyebrows and I am really delighted. I would repurchase when I run out!

Another product from the same brand is the Etude House Bling Bling Eye Stick in Little Bear Star. The names of the shades are really too adorable.

Once again you don't get too much product in the packaging but most automatic pencils are similar in that there is more packaging than product, which is a bit of a bummer but it is convenient and easy to use.

Here is a swatch of the product and then blended out at the bottom. I think it is more champagney gold when blended out but if you wear it straight it is more of a shimmering light brown.

The Chriszen Gel Eyeliner is not the most sleekly packaged but I wanted to see if it was worth the RM11.90 I paid for it. That is not too much and I was willing to take a wager.

Now the beauty of this product is that there is a little gel pot and the top is actually a holder for the brush which is kept inside. So you bring one product and you have everything you need for a solid gel liner, no need for separate brushes!

That was as far as my elation went because the brush does not allow for very fine lines at all. The formula is really black and really opaque. However the brush is rather disappointing so I think I will end up using a separate brush with this after all -product fail.

The Rilakkuma x A'pieu Air Fit Cushion Blusher comes in 5 shades and I picked up the shade Violet since it is one shade that I don't think I own yet.

I think the actual packaging is really cute but the puff has my heart. How adorable is that!

Like all cushions, it comes with a seal to keep the product fresh and moist.

The Violet shade is really pink and cool but I was excited to try it out so I dipped my finger in (a big no but I could not help myself).

Here is a swatch of it on the back of my hand but when blended out it looks really sheer and dewy with a hint of cool pink. I will be wearing this in a post to show you.

I also picked up the CNP Laboratory Anti-Blemish Spot Patch for RM8 because you get 12 patches and I was pretty much plagued by little spots and really annoyed then. Let's hope this works!

As a bonus, I was gifted the CNP Laboratory Best Sample Kit and it is quite a good way to try the brand out.

There are 4 different products and there are plenty of sample sachets for each product for me to properly trial it out. Obviously I will write about it when I have trialed this properly.

Hermo also gifted me the ERH Ultimate Blackhead Removal Set.

It comes with a decent size sachet of both products and the instructions and information in mandarin, which is a pain for me to read.

Thankfully there is an english label on the sachet but more importantly, there is a number so that it is obvious which one to use first!

Finally we have an Anti-Hair Loss Treatment which I don't know the brand of and I have no idea if it is meant for the scalp of the ends of my hair. I am guessing that it is for the scalp but having really sensitive scalp, I am quite scared.

If you have made it all the way to the end, you are incredible and I am grateful you have spent so much time reading my little writings. Tomorrow, I demonstrate the products (makeup) on my face so stay tuned!


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