Tuesday, 20 December 2016

All About Lips #135

Maybelline Colour Jolt Intense Lip Paint  in 05 Stripped Down is so hyped that I made a beeline for it when I went to Walmart.

The product squeezes through the doe foot applicator (which is extremely messy after the first usage) but since this is a neutral colour, precision is not the most important factor. If you buy one of the brighter and bolder colours, that is something to perhaps take note of.

I initially picked up 2 shades, 05 Stripped Down and 10 Never Bare. However, 10 Never Bare had been used when I picked it up in store so that one is going back to the store. In a way it was lucky because the swatch on the arm made me realise that the shade 10 Never Bare will look disastrous on me. There is no lip swatches for that shade because I am not putting a product that has been used on myself.

Here is the product on me and as you can see it may look brown on the arm but it just adds a touch of depth to the lips and makes it a really wearable daily lip colour of choice.

The colour also does not exaggerate yellowness of teeth so it is pretty brilliant.

More importantly, it feels comfortable on the lips. This is by no means a matte colour. In fact it is more than simply satin-y. It is not a gloss, at least not the high shine gloss that I tend to refer to as lip glosses.

Here's a shot of the Maybelline Colour Jolt Intense Lip Paint in 03 Stripped Down again. For the price and what you get, I wish that this has launched in Malaysia already!

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