Tuesday, 22 November 2016

All About Lips #131 - Colourpop

I have always wanted to try out Colourpop and Bob being the star that she is, had not just 1 but 2 colours for me to play with!

 The shades are Stingraye, the darker warmer colour and Lumiere 2, the cooler mauvey colour.

I did two swatches, this is in direct sunlight. The colours are darker than what it looks on the tube and packaging. They feel creamy but dry down matte.

This swatch is indoors without direct sunlight.

I tried on Lumiere 2 first because it is a lighter shade.

I am really not sure if I can pull this off. At all!

Maybe if I had more makeup on, a stronger eye makeup perhaps.

Then I tried on Stingraye which I really like!

It's not a shade I would typically gravitate towards and for some reason darker shades are meant to make lips smaller but I think it has made mine look even bigger!

I would just like to point out that with both the Colourpop lippie the colour in the tube is not accurate and it actually comes out quite a lot darker, sort of oxidised on the lips.

The colours on the websites are also hard to judge so the best bet is actually to search for online swatches! I hope this is helpful!

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