Sunday, 20 November 2016

So I like to check out different sites before I make an order and had a very reasonable price so I decided to place an order and pick up some new things!

First up is this Loshi Hair Cream. I have heard of Loshi because my mum picked up some items from Japan and I thought I would try out the hair product as well and so far, promising!

I also thought I would finally try out b.liv although the little thing I am trying is so insignificant. There are a few variations of the b.liv oil blotting papers and I decided to pick up the charcoal variant.

The actual product is grey but there is a red piece of paper right at the top, I have no idea why.

This looks quite fun so I picked up this pig nose clean 3-step blackhead remover! I think this will make for quite a good blogpost as it will be quite funny!

Can you guess what I have picked up here?

More brushes! Mainly because I thought I would try some out as some of my brushes are a bit old and on their way out after YEARS of usage.

There are so many brushes and I like that it comes with a decent blush brush (way too small to use as a powder brush) and then all sorts of eye make up brushes.

The holder has an extra flap to keep the brushes extra clean and not touching each other or making the entire pouch dirty but the holder itself is not the most luxurious or lovely, but what did you expect when you pay RM34.81 for 7 brushes, so basically RM5 per brush!

I love that Bioderma as a brand and although it is available in Guardian, it is quite pricey. I saw all the different bundles on and realise that they sell Bioderma at a much better price and the bundles are even better value so I picked this one up.

Not only do I get a full size serum and a full size moisturiser, there are 2 travel size micellar water which will be great for travel and I am hoping to refill them afterwards!

The top swatch is the serum and the bottom is the moisturiser, I must say that both sank in quickly. In fact the moisturiser was really easy to spread and smooth onto the skin and the serum felt really calming.

I purchased over a certain threshold for Bioderma so got this Bioderma Sensibio Dermalogical water in travel size for free so this will be travelling with me for sure!

The last thing I picked up is the Sigma Brush Cleaning Mat and although I had been thinking about it for a while, I decided to pick it up because it is much cheaper at than! Save where you can and that is what I did!

Did you see anything you wanted to try or already love? Share with me in the comments below!

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