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innisfree is a brand which has taken Malaysia by storm and they have opened up more and more outlets across the malls, and I recently went to pick up the Special gift for VIP members and a few bits to try out.

First up, a gift with purchase, the classic innisfree it's real squeeze mask. I like the cucumber one so this was put to good use.

I picked up the innisfree green barley multi cleansing tissue and I am happy to report that it is quite thick and the cleansing sheet is wet and moist enough. There is nothing worse than a dry sheet that can do basically nothing.

I picked up a few items so I was given this innisfree aloe revital special kit, which I was quite excited about because I like the aloe range.

The 3 items in it are pictured here  and it includes the innisfree aloe revital sleeping packinnisfree aloe revital skin mist, and the innisfree aloe revital soothing gel.

I did not realise that innisfree did the innisfree aloe revital soothing gel but like most other aloe vera gels, it is really handy for any dry patches and can be used on face, body and anywhere else really.

This innisfree aloe revital skin mist is so adorable. I had previously bought and tried a full size and know that I like it and wanted a travel size. The mist on this travel size is not as fine but still decent so I will be decanting the full size bottle into this for travel! Perfect for refreshing makeup and lovely on a hot day!

I have tried the innisfree aloe revital sleeping pack and like it as a night cream, it is not too intense for normal skin so I like it and in fact, bought the full size as well! This is really nice for travel and it is already in my travel bag.

Here it is and it comes in a really big tub.

The consistency is not jelly-ish like The Body Shop bouncy sleeping mask, but feels really good on the face as a night cream.

I did not miss a chance to pick up some makeup items after hearing from Bob about the mascara in particular,

I picked up the innisfree eye primer on a whim and I must say that I like it. The doe foot applicator is easy to use and even though the product is slightly scented, it does not irritate my skin.

Here is a swatch of the product on the back of my hand.

The colour is alright on my skin and blends out into nothing but might run a little ashy if you have darker skin.

Here I have applied eyeshadow on top of the eye primer and one without, I don't think there is much difference in terms of vibrancy but perhaps I should have used a less pigmented eyeshadow. This Zoeva shade is really beautiful without any eye primers helping!

However the real magic happened when I got a wet wipe to take off the makeup and usually these wipe off really easily but the eyeshadow with the eye primer hardly budged. The vibrancy is taken down a notch, but this is a wet wipe so I am beyond impressed with this!

The innisfree brow master pencil is in an ashy brown shade. The colour was on the plastic wrapping which I ripped and now I have no idea.

I picked this up mainly because it has a spoolie on one end and the product on the other, which makes things easier.

The spoolie is smaller than usual but it serves its purpose.

The product is the type that I prefer, not the micro nib which takes more work. This is ideal for lazy girls out there or guys and that is why I picked this up to try out!

The product is quite hard, which is good for an eyebrow product because it tends to react with brow hair oils to allow a smoother application on eyebrows than swatches on the hand. I swatched it to show you the colour regardless. This is alright but nothing super special.

Here is how the innisfree brow master pencil looks on and I think the colour is a good one.

I picked up not just one but two mascaras and the names are quite adorable. I picked up the innisfree skinny waterproof microcara and the innisfree skinny longlongcara because I want long lashes but I usually need a waterproof formula.

The microcara has a skinnier and smaller wand than the longlongcara but even the longlongcara wand is pretty dainty, good for short lashes.

Here's a close up just to emphasise on how small they both are. I like the brush and wand so much but I have to say that the formula does not hold up a curl.

Neither the waterproof nor the longlongcara hold up a curl.

You can see that they have lengthened the eyelashes and they are nicely fanned out.

However this did not hold up a curl at all and the photos were taken minutes after application, when the lashes already started drooping. I was really disappointed with these.

Finally the innisfree secret gift from jeju for VIP members. I was really quite excited about this because we signed up for it a month in advance and like the name suggests, it was a secret gift!

There is a little introduction and this range is now available across innisfree stores.

I was excited about the moisture range but when I read that it was also anti-aging, I worried that it would be too much for my skin.

There are 5 products in the gift and it is really nicely presented.

The innisfree jeju lava seawater range includes a toner, an essence, a deep essence, a lotion and a cream. It does have a scent which I found not unpleasant but my sister said it stank so do check it out in store before you purchase as it is not a cheap range.

This innisfree jeju lava seawater toner is really lovely to use and feels very hydrating after cleansing the face. I like this.

The innisfree jeju lava seawater essence is one that I use in the morning and it provides hydration without leaving the face sticky. It absorbs quite quickly and is pleasant to use.

This innisfree jeju lava seawater deep essence is the more intensive version and it thicker in consistency.I use it at night or when I am travelling to colder countries. I actually think that normal skin can still use it as it is not overwhelming at all.

The innisfree jeju lava seawater lotion is one which I use after the essence in the day time and it keeps my skin moisturised. I don't like this because the packaging makes the product really difficult to dispense and the lotion is watery but really moisturising and I think by this stage my skin is just oversaturated with moisture. It just is not what I like.

The innisfree jeju lava seawater cream has little ceramide beads that you pop as you massage it into your face and as a night time treat, my skin loves this. I tend to use this after the essence and I wake up to really hydrated skin.

If you made it through to the end, leave me a comment because you pretty much deserve a medal! I hope you found this helpful in deciding what to purchase or not.

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