Friday, 23 September 2016

Althea Haul

I have never actually purchased from but upon the recommendation by fellow bloggers, I decided to check it out.

It so happened to be Althea's first birthday when I made my purchase so the boxes that arrived were extra decorated and very adorable. Let's look at what I actually bought!

As shown in the picture above, my haul actually came in two boxes and this is one of the box's contents!

First up is the much raved about Banila Co. Clean It Zero Make up Remover. I have heard so many reviews about this and decided to try it out. I like that the spatula and cover comes separately in the box and is very hygienic.

I will certainly be writing a full blogpost on this item but for now, let's just say that I am thoroughly enjoying it and understand the hype surrounding this product!

Next is another cult classic. I have seen the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask for years and the advertising is pretty good for the product too. Having tried it once, I feel that it does not overwhelm the skin but offers enough hydration for the night. Since the one I tried belonged to Bob, I have now purchased my very own jar! This also comes with a little spatula.

I bought this Argan Glow Hair Oil on a whim and really I ought to have tried to check for ingredients. There are not really much on the internet about this apart from the Althea website itself, so I will be writing up on this item and telling you whether you should or should not get it!

This was actually a free sample and gift that came along and I don't know if I can bear to use it. Not in that I find it precious, but that I am really queasy with the idea of putting snail slime on my face. I may choose to gift it instead.

This was more of a joke purchase because it looked funny. I will definitely be doing an All About Lips post on this item and we will have step by step pictures and comparison to see if there are actually any changes to my lips after the 3 steps!

Now because I made a substantial first order to qualify for free shipping, I had a second box of items.

I picked up not 1, but 2 Skin Food Masks because Skin Food is a brand which I already know and trust. Both masks and the wash off type and I think I prefer the Skin Food Black Sugar Mask Wash Off. So far, whenever I have used it, my face feels so soft and incredible. I can't stop reaching for it!

This Half Moon Eyes Pink Fruity Mask may look small but it houses enough product for 2-3 uses all over the face.

The other hair product I picked up was this Mise en Scene Perfect Hair Repair. I believe it is a hair oil/serum and will be putting it to the test.

The packaging is relatively simple but the product has good reviews and I am excited to try it.

Finally we have the Ettina Soft Medium Cleansing Ball. An interesting concept which promises to wash hands, face and even hair by crushing/crumbling one ball and mixing it with water to use. I have tried one for washing my hands and it works a treat! I don't agree that it has brightened my hands as per the advertisement on the Althea website, but it definitely cleansed my hands.

The different coloured balls target different concerns but I don't think they make a massive difference. Here I have decanted some balls into a smaller container for portability. I think it is a useful product and I like that it will not count towards your liquid allowance when you are travelling!

So these are all the bits I have picked up from my Althea haul and most items are brand new to me and I am really excited to be trying them out! I will be posting reviews on the items so stay tuned!

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