Sunday, 14 August 2016

Jewellery Haul

Something a little different today includes a jewellery haul which does not cost a bomb and are all imported from Korea.

I actually was just walking around with Sarah Marie and since she was picking up a few bits, I decided to treat myself as well.

This is the item I wanted the most because it just looks so delicate and beautiful. Gold is not my favourite but somehow with this, it just works.

I also picked this up as a Mothers Day present for my mummy because I think she will think it is really cute. There is a cloud with a lightning peeking through and an umbrella. I love earrings which have a theme and are not identical. Just a thing of mine.

Finally, these rose earrings were available in studs and these delicate hanging style and I decided to get out of my comfort zone and go for this style.

So here is the bracelet on my wrist, it really is quite unassuming and dainty.

You can just about see the little tassle and the wing hanging, which is just the winning touch.

Here's a better look in case you could not see it in the earlier picture, but this piece is a LOVE.

The earrings are really dainty and are more of a rose gold colour. I have not worn it out yet, but could not think of anything more sweet and appropriate than this for a date night out.

A little something different than my usual beauty posts but these still contribute to the overall look so I think they sort of count, right?

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